Launching Milkiya, the first independent real estate agent network

Milkia, the first network of real estate advisors in Morocco, has just launched to strengthen the regulation of the real estate brokerage sector in the Kingdom through three pillars: Training, Participation and Digital.

This network is based on the network marketing concept (Multi Level Marketing – MLM) that has proven itself in Europe, allowing real estate agents to recruit, train and develop their own network thanks to the sponsorship system.

“Melkia aspires to professionalize the real estate brokerage sector, by offering qualified and continuous training, focused on digitization as well as innovative and effective tools. Hence the network enables agents to adapt to new consumption patterns and innovations that have deeply reinvented the real estate sector throughout the scientist “.

He also notes: “Milkia also includes all the players in the profession such as prescribers (constructors, carers, realtors, etc.), who play a very important role and for whom we offer social development in becoming self-employed. We guarantee them Also, pay their commission through our digital tool. Milkiya’s digital platform also provides clients with advice and support during all phases of a real estate project.”

In its inaugural phase, the network aims to justify agents with at least 5 years of experience and will target the regions of Casablanca-Settat, Rabat-Salé-Kenitra, Marrakech-Safi, Tangiers-Tetouan, Fez-Meknes. Desperately sous. Ultimately, Melkia will cover the entire Moroccan territory before opening up to a continental scale.

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Milkia real estate agents will benefit from a transparent work environment, professional support, a range of technology tools and an attractive and recurring bonus formula.

Milkiya relies on several digital tools (web and mobile applications, website, multicast on partner portals, social networks, etc.) to increase visibility with customers with attractive subscription terms.

During the launch phase, an equipped training room for network agents was made available at the Melkia headquarters, thus forming the first training center. After that, other training centers will be established by the agents themselves and will be distributed in all cities of Morocco.

In addition, the Customer Relationship Center will enable calls from Milkiya agents to process authorizations, administrative documents, invoices and information requests.

Thus, Milkia offers tangible solutions to contribute to the structuring and development of the sector in a context where the legal vacuum affects the status of the independent real estate agent. It should be noted that the draft law regulating the profession of real estate agents has not yet been approved since April 2017.

It should be noted that the real estate sector is estimated today with a global volume of more than 300 billion dirhams annually, with an average of 360,000 deals per year over the past six years, according to ANCFCC.

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