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Metaverse, NFT, Created Economy, Retail Media… Here are some of the marketing trends announced by for 2022. But, How a trend is created and how it spreads in society ? On these two questions that the book The underside of trends, when the ephemeral world moves forward Try to answer. The book is directed by Julien Féré, Partner OnePoint and Assistant Professor at Celsa, He calls semiotics, sign theory, and media and communication sciences to study the circulation of discourse in society., he explains. Thus it makes it possible to understand how everyone can fit trends, or even launch them. Several authors have contributed to this “down pointers” By: Julian Ferry, through university research on the history and theory of trends, as well as guests who “manipulate” these trends (advertisers, creators, influencers, journalists, marketers, researchers). This is how they testified: Agatha Bousquet, President of the Publicis Group; Anne-Cecil Thomann, Elan-Edelman Co-CEO; Olivier Cheney, founder of Niçois; Karen Berthelot Jewett, President of Celsa. Caroline Marti, Professor and Director of Branding at CELSA; Journalists Clement Vaggs (marketingdolphin le joveStrategies) and creators: Catherine Chamberol and Melanie Rausher.

“Trends are well known in analyzing and inspiring entrepreneurs, marketing teams or designers to innovate and bring to life the appeal of their creative proposals. They express the zeitgeist, pointing to the frenzy of the moment and the downtrends that are changing society”Operational creativity mentor Catherine Chamberol analyzes in the “Trends and Creativity” chapter, from which offers you the “good papers”.

The bottom side of the directions. When the ephemeral moves the world forward

A collective work directed by Julien Ferry, OnePoint Partner and Associate Professor at CELSA, Paris-Sorbonne.

Ellipse Edition, June 14, 2022. 360 pages, €28. Digital format: €23.99.

This book is part of the aggregation approach: Marketing and Communication Basics And the The underside of the brandsalso the ellipse version.

In summary:

Chapter One: The word “Trend” has become very popular this year…

Chapter Two: Building the “Modern” Thing: From the Struggle for Power to the Sharing of Meaning

Chapter Three: The History of the Trend Archetype

Chapter Four: The role of trends in building our contemporary society

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