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The Shopper’s Preferences Report 2022, the new Bazaarvoice study, conducted among 10,000 shoppers worldwide, reveals shoppers’ expectations regarding e-commerce. 73% of respondents They say they take the quality of the experience into consideration more than the price criterion. Rather, it is a systematic case for 22% of them and regular attention to half (50.8%).

Attractive rewards system for consumers

Close Nine out of ten French people say they buy more than expected if their spending allows them to get a bonus. Loyalty programs can encourage or incentivize your purchase. Thus, 72.4% of respondents said they are more inclined to buy something if they can participate in the loyalty program. They are also many who wish More fun itemses when shopping online for 45% off when shopping in store and a third when using the app. Thus, roughly one in two Frenchies would be willing to take part in a game if you allowed them to get a promotion. 79.1% of respondents indicated their willingness to express an opinion about a product or service in order to obtain a reward.

Direct shopping, augmented and virtual reality, metaverse, the future of e-commerce

The “direct shopping”, or the broadcast of a direct selling program on the Internet is considered the most pioneering experience in the eyes of consumers surveyed (43.7%) in France. It is followed by virtual reality (39.5%), augmented reality for product experience (33.1%) and metaverse (23.1%). Furthermore it, 30.5% believe the metaverse will be part of normal retail uses within three to five years. Nearly one in two French people are convinced that the metaverse will contribute to better personalization of shopping, and while 68% of them want to take advantage of it, a third of respondents said they are concerned about their personal data being disclosed. however, Nearly half of the French who responded to the study admitted that they do not understand what the metaverse is.

Digitizing the in-store experience is also part of the outlook: Six out of ten French people would like to benefit from the contributions of virtual or augmented reality in stores.

Regarding NFTs (Non-Fungible Token), three-quarters of French respondents said they want to buy them in the future. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs a digital authentication certificate attached to a unique digital file) can provide some benefits such as access to special events or product discounts. Among the respondents, 47% want to buy NFT in the next 12 months and 31.4% plan to do so in the coming years.


The Experimental Trade Report 2022 is a study commissioned by Bazaarvoice. It was implemented in April 2022 by Savanta with 1,530 consumers in France and 10,585 consumers worldwide: Australia, Germany, Canada, China, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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