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Digital technology is ubiquitous to the point of talking about the universal channel. A real growth lever for companies… provided they have the right payment tools, like Cofidis offers.

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Digital technology has imposed itself on the purchasing habits of the French. Omnichannel is a phenomenon that has been taken over by consumers, just like e-commerce. Proof of this is the latest survey conducted by Cofidis in cooperation with CSA Research: 96% of the French have made at least one purchase online in the past 12 months, via mobile phone or computer, knowing that the latter is preferred when making purchases. More than 175 euros. In addition, 1 in 2 French people use a market at least once a month, a habit that tends to develop. Mobile shopping apps should not be outdone as more than half of consumers have at least 3 of them on their smartphone.

At the same time, consumer expectations have evolved. While shopping has long relied on the brick-and-mortar model, it has become digital, or even a combination of both. Thus, e-commerce players with a physical point of sale are better understood by 6 out of 10 French people. In addition, 56% of consumers expect a mobile application to allow them to take advantage of exclusive offers.

Today’s challenge: omnichannel

E-merchants must adapt to become multi-channel by showing great responsiveness. Thus, 64% of them accelerated the development of their multi-channel solutions. ” Merchants no longer hesitate to offer mobile applications. A global phenomenon, accelerated by the health crisis where it was necessary to respond to a double problem: finding digital solutions while trying to get customers back into stores “, confirms Arnaud Le Gall, Director of Partnerships Cofidis France. This double problem was an opportunity to review the procurement and payment processes.” The post-Covid context and the development of e-commerce have raised new expectations among consumers: immediacy, security and liquidity in the purchase process. Arnaud Le Gall continues.

Simplify your shopping and payment experience

By providing innovative solutions, Cofidis is adapting to this rapidly changing market while supporting its customers. Example with green light. ” A significant change has been made in the payment experience on the physical network. Thus, since 2022, 70 stores are now offering their customers the possibility to terminate a subscription with balance or split payment on their mobile phones, in complete secrecy. “.

By being the first to offer credit remotely by phone or split payment (3 times by credit card), Cofidis is seen as an experienced player. ” We offer a customized and multi-channel approach, with solutions adapted to the expectations of our partners (store, e-commerce, door-to-door sales, CtoC) and tailored to their ambitions and customer journeys everywhere in Europe. We work closely with our merchants to make paying in installments a simple and seamless experience. Arnaud Le Gall concludes.

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