What are the customer relations trends in 2022?

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With customer engagement at stake, marketing practices tend toward over-personalization, but are companies really ready for that in the near future without third-party cookies?

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Twilio allows companies to integrate different digital communication channels to serve a more standardized and personalized customer approach. The company recently published a report on the state of customer interaction, in which three main trends emerged:

Trend #1: Digital interaction with customers leads to revenue growth

70% of companies that invested in digital sharing saw an increase in revenue! It is therefore essential to integrate new communication channels into the customer journey: “Look closely at the prospect or the customer lifecycle to identify gaps. Thus, Airbnb has identified lost reservations because hosts do not see reservation request emails must be sent immediately. With Twilio, the tag has been able to Businesses have been able to set up automatic sending of SMS notifications, which has significantly improved the percentage of bookings,” explains Philip Kuhn, Senior Solution Architect at Twilio.

Trend #2: Personalization is key, driven by consumer expectations

There is still a real dissonance between companies’ perception of the quality of the customer experience provided (75% think it is excellent) and that of consumers (in France, 48% of consumers have the same opinion). As consumers spend on average, nearly half (48%) when they receive a personalized customer experience! “The goal is to move towards individual personalization, at the individual level, but this will depend on the digital maturity of the companies. So, initially, start with simple data like geolocation to present the first level in terms of contextualizing messages, you can then move on to creating indicators More complex, such as potential risks or outcomes,” continues Philip Kuhn. For example, by creating a dedicated content recommendation area called “For You,” Fox Sports was able to increase video content consumption by 31%. Recommendations based on favorite programs but also on the most consulted teams etc.

Trend #3: Towards a cookie-free world, the countdown has begun!

Finally, 81% of companies say they still rely on third-party cookies! Also, it is necessary to better rely on its own data to develop a robust first-party data strategy: “Start by collecting connectivity data to create links, then creating new opportunities to collect new information (contests, sign up for newsletters, etc.) in order to develop an approach More like-minded.Hence the importance of relying on a CDP such as Twilio Segment, which will be able to manage end-to-end customer data processing, from collection to cleaning and then activation, recommends Philip Kuhn.

Tribune Written by Natana Barban, account manager, mid-market account executive at Twilio.

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