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The corporate commercial branch is at the heart of digital transformation. Among the critical steps to a successful business operation: prospecting. This commercial prospecting is undergoing a transformation thanks to the emergence of new digital tools that make it possible to formalize every stage of the sale and follow-up of customers. What are good practices for commercial prospecting? What are the stages of this digital exploration? What solutions are available to salespeople? light.

Define an exploration plan for sustainable and coherent objectives

To carry out an effective prospecting campaign, it is first necessary to evaluate the company’s goals, current goals, and the objective of this strategy.

Determine the goal of the business strategy

The idea is to build a complete sales line based on these specific goals. Maybe :

  • from U.S a plus of sales;
  • from U.S Wafaa already acquired clients;
  • to Obsession Customers located in a particular geographic area;

by definition main goalyou can then draw the outline of a successful prospecting campaign:

  • What trading volume do you want to achieve (attainable)?
  • How many clients do you want to call/win/keep?
  • What is your budget for this exploration?
  • How much time do you devote to this business strategy?

Evaluate the item

Moreover, Define an exploration plan It asks to assess the current situation, readjust the commercial campaign if necessary, find out what works and what does not work, promote actions with high added value and those that are time-consuming and without results:

  • Are the methods developed so far effective?
  • Is the list of potential clients up to date?
  • Are prospecting techniques and the sales cycle worth updating?
  • Does the business strategy follow a formal step-by-step process?
  • Do salespeople know their prospects well? Do they know exactly who buy character the company?

Know your marketing objective completely

Mistakes that should not be made when embarking on commercial prospecting I think by reaching as many potential customers as possible, the results will be greater.

Conversely, by precisely targeting the typical corporate customer profile, salespeople will see the most opportunities presented to them. In fact, it is alreadywin for time Because teams focus immediately on potential customers who are likely to be interested in the activity. Moreover, it is A guarantee of performance and legality ! You demonstrate your professionalism and expertise by addressing the right potential clients, whom you will expend more means and energy to attract you.

Defining your marketing goal means knowing:

  • age;
  • sector;
  • average income;
  • Geographical area
  • field of activity
  • etc.

Thus, by drawing the profiles of your typical customer, you can better meet their needs, tailor your communications, advertising campaigns, anticipate their questions, but also offer them products that are closer to their expectations.

Optimized communication by exploiting the client profile

Armed with their own roadmap, company sales representatives can connect with their prospects to achieve goals.

Indeed, potential customers should be grouped into several profiles, according to their profile. The question might be:

  • Lead Recentlyfor which a new contact will be considered;
  • Lead pastto reactivate the contact;
  • Lead To bringto become new customers.

for to improve When contacting their clients, salespeople should have an up-to-date file, in which the information surrounding prospects is accurate and correct. goal is Create an atmosphere of trust and proximity to prospects. So salespeople should know their surname, first name, phone number, email, address, industry, location, and turnover. This information is useful for working accordingly.

Using a CRM for commercial prospecting turns out to be an investment, but a very effective one. All sales staff will then be able to take a closer look at customer follow-up, Real time update Information about them, but also the development of communication (first meeting, follow-up, product offered, sale concluded, etc.). This digital tool becomes online Essential for running a business daily because it generally automates low-value-added tasks, allowing salespeople to focus on the core of their business.

Communication channels for prospecting

There are many support for prospecting. Therefore, the field of possibilities is very wide and allows Increase efficiency.

Depending on your target: professionals or individuals, you can for example Attract your prospects on social networks. Thanks to a well-designed, predictable and targeted campaign, you will be able to connect with potential customers via social platforms. The advantage of this support is that it’s free, or, in the case of sponsored posts, it requires little budget.

You can, too Possibly by phone, by connecting one by one to the file clients. As we move more through social networks and instant messaging platforms, making contact over the phone is often much appreciated! It encourages real exchange, real discussion and makes it possible to create a bond of trust by listening to the voice, tone of voice, friendliness, insurance and expertise of the salesperson.

Visit potential clients It is also a useful method, provided that you agree to meet with your potential clients so as not to waste time! After months of remote exchange, this connection humanizes the brand’s image. It is a tangible exchange, a moment of sharing, that can occur around a meal.

presence on Trade fair Still a must for exploration. If you are participating in the exhibition, it requires a large budget, but you can easily visit the exhibitions and collect a good number of contacts!

Real-time prospecting monitoring, success vector

Commercial prospecting requires constant management. It can’t be really effective if you don’t take advantage of itConstant updating, regular questioning, and effective follow-up.

Thus, getting a contact from a new potential customer is not enough to actually engage them. The hardest part is keeping the potential customer interested in the business. How is this achieved? By implementing an automated, reliable and real-time client file tracking process so that all teams and management bodies are informed.

The definition of an exploration plan makes it possible Know the basic steps to follow, particularly through the use of a custom CRM. In a few clicks, sales representatives will then be able to update each customer’s follow-up, with coordinated labels for everyone, reminder alerts to be executed (automated, personal or manually), and media for employees from other branches to take over (accounting, billing, after-sales service, etc. ), all completely Central to one program.

This general view of all actions performed by salespeople in response to the business strategy makes it possible to determine and qualify the success or non-success of the prepared campaign. Also, this business prospecting plan has the advantage of allowing efficient and rapid redeployment of sales teams, methods and techniques to achieve maximum results. Using an online CRM system seems to simplify the daily lives of sales teams, whose value-added tasks are once again at the heart of their daily lives.

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