The “Prevent Generations” initiative, created by the Ramsay Health Foundation, the network Les Entreprises pour la Cité and the Social Marketing Institute, launches the first accelerator of initiatives in the service of the public interest dedicated to prevention

Recognizing the importance of health prevention for the benefit of all, the Ramsay Santé Corporate Foundation, the network of Les Entreprises pour la Cité (LepC) and the Institute for Social Marketing (IMS) decided to join forces in 2021 to create the “Générations Prévention”, a reflection-action platform.

By bringing together the Ramsay Santé Foundation’s health prevention expertise, the LepC Network’s know-how in community engagement as well as the community of behavior change professionals at IMS, Think & Do Tank “Générations Prévention” aims to promote the emergence and implementation of new solutions in health prevention. In particular , intends to support associations or local authorities in projects of public interest thanks to the initiative accelerator.

“Health prevention is one of the main challenges of health policy that remains largely focused on curative treatment. Since 2016 the Ramsay Santé Foundation has been engaged in the process of promoting health prevention and, through the creation of Générations Prévention, has hoped to join forces with those actors recognized in the commitment Societal and behavioral change in order to facilitate the emergence and dissemination, within the general population, of new behaviors in terms of prevention.”says Pascal Rocher, President of the Ramsay Santé Foundation and CEO of Ramsay Santé.

Think & Do Tank “Générations Prévention” was founded on the conviction that it is necessary to support the emergence and implementation of new solutions in terms of health prevention in order to ultimately enhance their dissemination in the general population if such solutions prove beneficial. Our ultimate goal is to change behavior through Offer solutions for everyone – individual, community, private or public – to initiate this change.Patricia Jorvis, Vice President of the Foundation “Générations Prévention” and President of the French Institute of Social Marketing explains.

“Through Générations Prévention, we want to promote individual and collective well-being in the personal and professional sphere, by bringing about positive transformations in relation to health prevention. A steering committee made up of experts with complementary profiles and areas of expertise will allow us to support and validate our actions and strategic decisions”, Explains Yan Tange, Vice President of “Générations Prévention” and General Delegate of the Les entreprises pour la Cité network.

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