How is the manufacturer Corania adapting to new challenges in perfumery

She closed the “hydro-alcoholic gel” arc that had occupied her for the long months of the pandemic. Back to the perfume industry, Corania’s core business since 1934…except for a few changes.

With the pandemic, we’ve discovered how mysterious the sense of smell is, Explains Lauren Cohen, CEO of the company. We also received messages from clients explaining to us that although they stopped going out, they nevertheless continued to put on perfume to do good for themselves. In fact, we have gone from a product used to send something to others to consuming it for oneself This favors more original, even niche fragrances. This is not without consequences for the way perfumes are designed. Like the way you talk about them to your audience.

raised digital brake

But in order to keep wearing perfume during confinement – stores need to be closed – consumers for some have had to stock up on the internet. What is not clear in this market.

Until then, selling perfume online was underdeveloped because the first key to buying was perfume. Fiona Merville, responsible for marketing innovation at Corania, watches. “ Brands had to reinvent themselves. And we’ve been surfing the trend by launching our first 100% digital brand: Ynepsie “.

Launched at the beginning of June, this brand is a further step in favor of the accessibility of the French fragrance that SMEs want. ” A few years ago we’ve seen a craze in favor of niche, French, fragrances without controversial ingredients. But these perfumes are not affordable. We wanted to change that “.

So the company gave Innovate carte blanche to design twelve fragrances. ” We wanted them to be able to express their creativity without marketing restrictions. and that they have access to an audience that they do not normally have such direct contact with. explains Laurent Cohen.

In order for the twelve fragrances that were developed to be accessible to all, the company decided to focus its efforts on juice, reducing its peripheral costs: no packaging, simple and refillable bottles, and no middlemen thanks to online selling.

Digital experiment with baby onions

To succeed in this bet, the company has implemented several devices aimed at simplifying the purchase of perfume online. In addition to the explanations given by the creators and the use of the videos, the quiz allows customers to submit one or three flavors that are likely to suit them. “ We send with each bottle a test dose. If the fragrance is not suitable, the customer can return the bottle to us. “…and to complete it all, Corania has designed a discovery box to discover twelve fragrances from the collection.” If the customer buys a perfume, he will get a discount of 15 euros For a box of 20 euros.

A somewhat expensive bet for the company, but it pays off according to Fiona Merville. It remains to enhance the reputation of the new brand on social networks, with regard to influencers in particular.

semi-international activity

Although Ynepsie targets only the national market, the company is also pursuing its international efforts, achieving half of its turnover (turnover of 12 million euros in 2021). It is also present at 40. In the United States in particular, Corania has a subsidiary since 2018. We have developed a lot of activity there around pharmacies and drug stores ‘, confirms Laurent Cohen, welcoming French know-how into the internationally recognized perfume industry.

The company is of course also present in Europe,” In all Sephoras. In Germany, Italy, Spain and Russia “.but also in Latin America, while prospects are emerging on the Asian continent.” There is a large share in China. It’s a complex market, with a cosmetics culture, and the use of oils, but relatively little perfume. It is changing. We are studying the best way to approach this market.” Laurent Cohen also identifies the potential in Middle Eastern countries,” A huge market that we still do not exist “.

There are still some challenges to be faced, first and foremost the high costs. Whether it is transport, boxes, such as bottles. ” We have had to move this to our international rates. In France, it is more complicated because of our interlocutors [parfumeries, grande distribution … ndlr] They are not very attentive to the problems of small and medium businesses “.

Hence the importance of strengthening the link with the end user. through digital. But also, soon, through company visits to its newly expanded premises in Benes Merbeaux.