revolutionizes the search for legal information on French companies

Brandhuman voice is a new start-up that provides free access to legal and financial data for French companies listed in the Trade and Companies Register. Thanks to the unique database of legal information, it enables free and fast consultation of documents relating to more than ten million companies.

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Docubiz, the new legal technology in the market

Macron’s law allows all citizens to access the legal data of French companies. This is stipulated in Article 19 of the law passed by the deputies on Wednesday, February 4, 2015. The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is responsible for publishing free data on the Internet for citizens regarding the National Register of Trade and Companies (RNCS). Until recently, this data was collected by commercial court clerks.

Data is a major factor in the legal sector, and many open data companies have been set up in recent years to meet the growing demand for information. They are called LegalTech. Among this legal technology we find for example Doctrine and Predictice, but also This new company hit the market a few months ago and is already a huge success. In fact, it has more than 100,000 visitors per month to its web portal. The legal data of French companies is published within its digital platform in a way that is visible and understandable to all.

In fact, the digital platform provides its members with free access to all the raw data of companies collected on the Inpi, INSEE, Bodacc and even websites. governmental. It also does its own research through private and paid APIs to provide comprehensive and updated information daily.

From platform, balance sheets, online Kbis to annual accounts, including VAT numbers and many more, you will find everything you need on The startup has a huge database that collects all the legal information of more than 10 million French companies that is updated daily. In fact, it provides users with more than 80 million documents that can be viewed and downloaded online. provides accountants, lawyers, legal professionals, business managers and anyone else who wants this type of data to have access to it in just a few seconds. This startup makes open data accessible to everyone thanks to its convenient and practical website. Free and fast registration is enough to be able to browse the platform and benefit from its services. Innovative, unique and reliable services have already attracted many users in just a few months.

What is open data?

Open data is a set of so-called “open” data. This data is readily available and freely available. Open Data is an initiative based on open data and collaboration. The data can be used in software and applications, on websites or online platforms, such as, which provides data on French companies.

Open data is a way to publish data, information, and numbers in free access to the Internet. This way of doing things makes it possible to bring out new applications, new uses, and enrich the public debate. It corresponds to the dissemination of public data on the Internet, generally openly and freely reusable, in order to facilitate universal access and reuse without any restrictions.

Open data is an economic, social and environmental issue. It makes it possible to create value, employ, expand access to information for citizens, to produce innovation for companies. Thanks to this, companies have access to legal and financial data and can ensure the solidity and stability of a competitor, customer or supplier in order to create new partnerships and services.

Special offer with additional options

Professionals who want to take advantage of unlimited access to the legal data of French companies can subscribe to Docubiz’s premium offer.

The Premium offer is available for €49.90 per month, without obligation. This premium version allows you to download five Kbis per month, for contact details of company managers, for unlimited access to VAT numbers and siren views, and even take advantage of five financial analytics per month. In addition, before committing, you can test the quality of the services thanks to the 48-hour trial period for only 1.90 €.

The startup plans to move forward soon, by introducing a real-time notification system. Alert informs subscribers of legal and financial changes affecting companies of interest to them.

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