A panorama of technical professions, digital marketing and design

Digital, a dynamic sector that offers multiple opportunities

The digital sector is experiencing strong growth, fueled by the growing digitization needs of companies looking for talent to meet the expectations and new consumption patterns of their customers. According to the sixth edition of the Digital Growth and Digit Barometer from ACSEL, the Association for the Digital Economy, digital contributes to a turnover of 51% of French merchants. This data is increasing sharply (+9% in 2022 vs. 2021), which is evidence that digital represents a strategic channel and enhances business for all types of organizations, regardless of their size (VSE, SMEs, ETIs, large groups, start-ups, associations). agencies, etc. and their scope of activity (health, welfare, construction, bank insurance, real estate, etc.).

Professions are open to all profiles

Digital is also a constantly evolving sector. New technologies are constantly evolving thanks to innovation, which provides great opportunities for those who are planning to move or retrain in this field. Whether you are creative by nature, have a technical profile, whether you have an analytical mind, a business or strategic streak, and have an appetite for writing or data…there is something for everyone! Technical skills, specific to each job, will be required. You can get it by following a training course, which will allow you to quickly become ready to work in the company.

Working in the digital space: essential skills to master in 2022

Several modes to choose from according to your lifestyle

Choosing a job on the web will bring you many advantages. In addition to benefiting from attractive salaries due to the strong current needs of the companies, you are also free to choose a niche that suits your lifestyle and expectations, if you prefer to develop as an employee, if you are an idea and feel so. Ready to start your own startup venture, or if you want to independently manage multiple clients. And you can switch from one to the other easily, whatever profession you have chosen. With the democratization of remote work, you can even combine work with pleasure, work while traveling, this is commonly called digital nomads.

Salary for technology, marketing and design professionals in 2022

To learn more about the many exciting professions that make up the digital landscape, we invite you to browse this panorama through the sector’s three main disciplines:

This list is not exhaustive. The goal here is to give you a more accurate idea of ​​the tasks behind the various job titles, in order to clear up some of the assignments that may seem a bit ambiguous to you at first glance.

Jobs in the technology industry

Art files are at the heart of the digital ecosystem. Their role is fundamental within organizations, because they are involved in every stage of the product or service lifecycle: from its design to launch, including development, integration testing, and various updates to meet users’ needs.

These professions are currently on the rise. A large number of careers are available, depending on the specialization you wish to pursue: infrastructure and network, web development, cloud computing, big data, data science, personal data protection, cyber security, artificial intelligence or robotics.

Here are some examples of leading technology jobs, among the most sought after by recruiters:

  • System and Network Administrator He is the guarantor of the maintenance and proper functioning of the company’s computer network; It installs and manages infrastructure while ensuring network security.
  • Web developer : designs, software and updates websites as well as mobile applications by coding in programming languages ​​(Python, JavaScript, etc.); It has the possibility to specialize in backend (jobs, databases), front end (user interface) or full stack (backend and front end combined).
  • cloud engineer : Responsible for storing, managing, and securely accessing corporate data via remote servers located in data centers.
  • Data analyst (or Data Analyst): His job is to create and model databases to facilitate their use and interpretation, in order to help companies make business and strategic decisions.
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO): The Data Protection Officer ensures the security and compliance of the data used by the organization in compliance with the General Regulations (GDPR).
  • Head of Information Systems Security (RSSI): His role is to define and implement the security policy of his company’s information systems, while protecting them from risks associated with cyber attacks.

digital marketing careers

Webmarketing includes many professions, which make it possible to prepare and optimize the various stages of the customer journey from a website or mobile app, but also to promote the brand and the values ​​you stand for to consumers online. These professions have a commercial objective and return on investment, because they aim to increase the number of sales made for a product or service, to increase the volume of visits to a site or application, or to convert visits into sales, with attention to customer relationship and loyalty.

To achieve their goals, digital marketing professionals rely on different techniques, such as:

  • CRM (CRM) for customer relationship management,
  • SEO : SEO (search engine optimization) for normal signal, SEA (search engine ads) for paid referral, SMO (Social media optimization) for social networking search engine optimization, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) that combines all these practices,
  • Commercial EmailAnd the
  • membershipwhich consists of offering a product or service on another website for a fee,
  • digital advertising

Internet marketing consists of many positions with rich and varied tasks: from CRM Consultantwhich advises companies on how to improve relationships with customers, Traffic manager (or web traffic manager), whose role is to improve acquisition tools (mentioning, affiliation, partnerships, etc.) Content Managerwhich creates content to improve brand image, and community manager, animating the community to improve its online reputation. from his side, Search engine optimization manager Optimizes the content and functionality of your website or app to gain a better position in search results.

Incidentally, the file Digital Project Manager He acts as a true orchestra conductor, coordinating various businesses to implement his organization’s digital strategy. To do this, it analyzes the actions carried out in order to identify areas for improvement that will be applied to its future projects. Not to be confused with the role Production ManagerIt is responsible for designing products that adapt to the needs of its customers and users through close monitoring of the market. Also note that growth hacker It relies on the various online marketing techniques mentioned above to contribute to the rapid growth of its business while using as few resources as possible. as such E-Commerce Manager (or Internet Marketing Manager), who defines and implements the digital strategy for business websites in order to generate more traffic and sales, by building customer loyalty.

web design professions

The most creative profiles are generally attracted to careers in web design and digital creativity. Their role is fundamental to web projects, just like developers and internet marketing professionals, because these professions are at the heart of the user experience. These design experts have many chains: in addition to identifying and transcribing user needs through fun and useful digital interfaces, they must be up to date with the latest trends, web developments, and technical limitations, but also all of their code and uses.

Here are 4 examples of occupations that are among the most important in digital creativity and valued by companies:

  • UX Designer: He designs and improves digital experiences in order to meet users’ needs, which he would have previously determined using personas, surveys or interviews, by conducting A/B testing or even based on analytics data.
  • User interface designers: Its scope focuses on interface design, to improve the user interface of digital media (navigation, path, content readability, etc.), while applying the graphic charter of a brand or company.
  • Movement designer: It creates and animates 2D and 3D graphic elements from visuals, texts and sounds, using motion, for productions suitable for all media (music clips, commercials, presentation films, videos for social media…).
  • Game designer: It is the origin of the gameplay in a video game and works to make it as attractive as possible, from the functions to the rules of the game, while also taking into account all the interactions offered to the players.
  • Art Director : Its work consists of translating the messages and needs of its customers through images, from defining the visual identity of the product or service to be promoted until its completion, in cooperation with the various professions associated with the project.

A career in the digital field: prospects for development

By directing yourself or embarking on a retraining project in web careers, you increase your chances of finding the job of your dreams. You have many possibilities. Depending on the field and profession you choose, you can start by training in all its characteristics before considering a major. If smaller structures are looking for versatile profiles, larger groups will need more experts in a technology or marketing technique, for example.

You can then advance to a position that brings you more responsibility, with team management also at stake. As digitalization affects all businesses, and the web involves continuous learning, new opportunities will open to you, if you ever want to change jobs or sectors, in order to find the path in which you will thrive. throughout your career.

Although, if you’re still not completely satisfied, don’t panic! In the face of the current transformations of society and the impetus conveyed by discoveries in artificial intelligence, robotics or even thanks to developments in virtual reality, the digital landscape is evolving without limits. In a study from 2017, Dell and the research center Industry of the Future predicted that 85% of 2030 jobs would not yet exist. If one can indeed become a data scientist, BIM manager or 3D printer, which remain relatively recent professions, other paths still have to be followed: AI ethicist, psydesigner, egoteller, robot watcher, or still many From current occupations they can be turned into virtual universes like the metaverse.

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