This site combines over 50 workflows to configure to create automated emails

To save time, many marketers rely on email automation. This ensures that messages are sent to the right person at the right time, without having to spend the day there. To gain more efficiency, some companies even opt for marketing workflows. As a reminder, these are automatic actions that are triggered from an item, for example a recording.

The challenge remains to configure an efficient workflow. To make it easier for you, there are sites like email streams. It offers about fifty scenarios for creating automated emails.

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Scenarios and examples for different industries

All templates are freely available on the email streaming site. There are many of them for every industry. For this reason, resources are divided into five categories:

  • SaaS.
  • E-Commerce;
  • immovable
  • financial technology;
  • EdTech.

Each section is further divided into subcategories with different workflows. For its design, the creators of Email Flows discussed with hundreds of experts from various fields. They figured out which email sequences gave them the best results and then used that information to design the templates.

illustration email flows

SaaS templates are available. Illustration: Mailmodo.

illustration email flows

Scenarios for e-commerce companies are also presented. Illustration: Mailmodo.

So there are different models that make it possible to deal with different scenarios. In the Fintech section, there are, for example, scenarios for setting up, getting feedback or reminding customers that a direct debit will soon be made.

For each example, the email flow illustrates the purpose of the email sequence. In the case of a product recommendation workflow, the goals are to attract customers to their website or app and encourage them to make or renew a purchase. The number of emails to be sent, as well as the optimal flow time between each one, is also reported.

For each message, the tool provides a list of tips and best practices for achieving goals through the workflow. In short, the whole process is detailed.

To set up these scenarios, all you have to do is reproduce them on your marketing automation platform. Mailmodo, the solution in which email flows are combined, can also be used to create them.

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