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This guide is intended to accompany you if you are planning to retrain in digital professions.

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Everything you need to know before starting your digital transformation project! © BDME

Variety of professions and great opportunities to go digital

Whether you are more attracted to online marketing, technology, design, or disciplines that are currently booming, such as cyber security or data, there are many careers available to you if you choose to go digital. The sector is particularly dynamic, supported by the continuous development of new technologies, with many vacancies. Companies need fresh talent to support them in their projects and meet the needs of their clients.

Embarking on a digital transformation project will bring you many advantages. In addition to allowing you to choose your status (employee, independent employer, entrepreneur, etc.), you will benefit from attractive salaries, whether you practice your profession in Ile-de-France or in the regions. You will also be able to highlight your previous experience, which is a strong added value in the eyes of recruiters. Digital is open to all profiles, so you have the opportunity to quickly build your skills to pursue a career in this field.

Download the 2022 Reconversion Guide

Do you need advice to help you in your efforts, to find out what digital careers you really match up with, what skills you need to acquire, or even what financing solutions are available to you to convert to the web? We have designed a Retraining Guide to guide you through the different options available to you. You can download it for free and for free, you will not be asked for any personal data.

Get all the keys for a successful digital conversion

In the contents of our guide you can discover:

  • Sector overview: Panorama of digital professions, good reasons for retraining in this sector, basic skills to master in 2022, salaries for different specialties, solutions available to finance your retraining project …
  • Focus on symbolic disciplines of the web: Web Developer, Chief Digital Officer, Cyber ​​Security Analyst, Web Design and Digital Marketing Officer…
  • Presentation of the best digital schools: All presentations of the above professions are accompanied by descriptions of schools that offer training in several digital disciplines, with all sectors and courses available.

A guide designed for players in training for web careers

This guide to retraining for digital professions has been developed in partnership with 4 recognized schools of digital and vocational retraining: EFAP, WebForce3, Nextformation and M2i Diplômante Training. We would like to warmly thank our partners, directors, speakers, coaches, and alumni for their participation!

We hope that this guide will allow you to answer all your questions, for a better understanding and understanding of digital professions and will help you advance your training project towards exciting digital careers. Download it for free!

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