It’s not life, the hotel industry!

Tiffin knows all about the hotel industry, and has nearly 10 years of experience, especially in the field of reception. Anticipate the needs of customers, know their desires at the moment, provide the right service at the right time and above all, keep a smile in the face of complaints and stay zen after their crazy requests ! It has become his routine. Now she has to do it, but behind a curtain. For those who can’t tell reception.

She’s been telling her manager for months now: Even if it’s not said face to face, we still have to answer it ! It increases in importance with the crisis because it increases the confidence of other customers. For years no one responded to Green Turtle hotel reviews ! There is a little bit of everything !

She has confidence, and she will do it ! I followed a free digital course: it was short but effective. She discovered the basics of digital marketing, reviewed the digital tools available to her and confirmed her idea of ​​how to create and respond to online reviews.

She even discovered that there are digital solutions to help her manage social networks and online reviews to monitor the reputation of her online hotel. But now it is difficult to know which saint to turn to !

Tiffin then realizes that she can ask her group of friends.” Hotel owners here and there »:

Welcome everyone ! I am looking for an electronic reputation management solution. You know a good idea and it’s clearly not expensive ?!

Fabian answers: I thought you followed the digital path ? Once registered, you can access the platform with all digital solutions ! You will have (approx !) Everything that exists and above all you will have recommendations from each client organization ! 😉

But yes sure ! Tipphin even saved the login password on this platform that you just left as a favorite ! To celebrate, she’s on her way to get some black juice and empties !

You are hotel owners and you have digital services ? Do like Fabienne and Marion, register at and select, rate and search for your digital solutions !

You are the publisher of digital software for the hotel and restaurant sector ? Sign up to respond to your customer organization reviews and to be seen by all of their colleagues who need you !

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