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change scenery written pressthe emergence of new media and new forms of writing on the web, the diversification of content, the mass presence of social networks, the dilemma between information, entertainment and investigation … Willie Neely, for several years now, a world The media He had to face many upheavals. Until now journalist The new generation must reconcile the constant flow of information with its ethics, i.e. to provide reliable and interesting information in line with the editorial line of the editorial board.

To balance this balance, the journalist can, fortunately, count on a companion who has always supported him, who is press relationship. However, the profession must also evolve in its practices and modus operandi to remain in line with the new challenges of the media. Sure, it’s hard to find the equation, but it’s not impossible.

Targeting is the golden rule of a good press release

69% of journalists worldwide believe that less than a quarter of the applications they receive are relevant. Taken from a study conducted in 2021 by publisher Cision, this figure proves the extent to which knowledge of the media and the role of each is essential to draw attention journalists. Does a journalist make the news? hot Or rather investigation papers? Does this freelance journalist follow the same editorial line for all the newsrooms he works with? Select a journalist in a section lifestyle Does that mean I have to send him technology, food, travel, fashion or other information?

Get to know your interlocutor It is an indispensable condition for starting a constructive and long-term relationship with the journalist. Especially since many of them are exhausted and close to exhaustion, as confirmed by a survey by consulting firm Isast, which was also conducted in 2021. As a result, we have to go to the basics. A journalist can receive up to 60 press releases or solicitations per hour. The mailboxes are saturated and not the rudeness on their part not to reply all the time. Sometimes they don’t have time. To see if the information can hit the target, you should take care of your email subject line by clearly presenting the basic information. the famous 5 s (what, when, where, who, why). If the information interests him, he will contact you. If he enlarges it, two or three spaced increments cannot be used, no more.

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Press relations in the future will necessarily be Data based »

strong Press Digitization It is a real boon for PR professionals. In fact, the PR campaign can now be organized, monitored and piloted thanks to the data from articles on the Internet. In the initial stages, it is possible for a PR agency to better understand the environment and brand challenges. With KPIs, PR can better context the launch process, take an accurate inventory of the competition and the way it communicates, and decide which niche media to include… Recommendations That would be more accurate and more relevant. This data is also useful during the campaign itself. PR agencies can measure topics daily trends Thus relying on it to provide angles for reporters. As a result, the campaign is no longer static. It adapts and orients itself over time in order to make the best decisions in the short, medium and long term.

Last but not least, data lends tangible legitimacy to PR work. Besides a simple quote or quote, the agency can show how its actions have been helpful in building brand awareness.

The importance of diversifying your PR events

Press releases, press kits, and reminders do not summarize the relationship between a journalist and a press officer. Events It has always been the cornerstone of this relationship because it helps strengthen human connection. But now, with the health crisis of Covid 19, the activity of this event has practically been suspended for about a year and a half. So much so that PR agencies have had to adapt to keep Contact point.

Online press conferences, immersive webinars, digital events… the PR industry has not stood still and has managed to maintain the link by turning physical meetings into digital events. If health distancing measures seem behind us right now, fingers crossed, it is appropriate for PR to learn the right lessons from these new practices. Although the event should maintain a sacred aura, and humanize journalistic relations, we should now consider the hybrid. A digital event reaches a wider audience at a lower cost and can provide immersive experiences. As a result, why not mix the best of both worlds for the show Creative phygital events ? Relationship development is a strategic aspect of PR, and emotionalism is well on its way to becoming one.

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Simple information is no longer enough, you have to think about the company as a whole

Historically, the public relations profession has been limited to a fixed goal, maintaining a relationship with journalists in order to build an audience around a brand, product, event or company. Now the situation is more complicated.

Is the purpose of my information work, the companies, or the public? To support its clients in the best possible way, a PR agency no longer has to manage information at a particular moment, it should think about‘Brand image’ of his client as a whole. By defining each goal precisely, the PR agency will be able to better address many of its clients’ goals.

In addition, to implement the digital press relations strategy, the agency can use New cranes Like Sponsored Content, Famous” Brand content ‘, but also blog posts, infographics, expert forums, videos, discount offers, affiliation… the toolkit is now too broad, for PR to work in isolation. They must now connect and work with marketing managers and optimization professionals Search Engines and Data Analysts.To prepare a cohesive PR campaign on the web, this skill center is now a must.

Understanding and Integrating Influencer Marketing

At present, the vast majority of companies have understood the value of developing relationships with influencers Thus, influencer marketing is a continuum that all PR agencies should bracket. However, this field, which is relatively small and ever-evolving, is not easy to understand. How to identify, connect with and engage influencers? For what goals and for what? Results How can journalists and influencers coexist?

To answer these PR questions, agencies must above all master social networking codes internally. Considering that a good influencer marketing campaign depends on a Storytelling licked who avoids the predicament of excessive business communication.

In addition to this knowledge, to incorporate influencer marketing into their offering, PR professionals should not hesitate to equip themselves. Recognizing influencers through communication with social networks is a time-consuming and low-value-added exercise. As if to better target journalists, PR agencies are obligated to invest in influencer databases or monitoring software. This is the most effective way to discover the right influencer to contact based on a specific campaign. Likewise, these technological tools will be able to measure the actions being performed, which, as for journalists, will then reassure the client.

Whether it is in print, radio, television, web, blogs or social networks, PR must know how to consistently evaluate their work, it is the best way to sustain an entire sector while pushing it upward.

The key element in press relations is certainly the relationship itself! We will establish a relationship with journalists. Media, television and radio have an editorial line, address a target and have an antenna color. Take the time to target the information you send to journalists because it must engage their audience. The journalist will notice your target work and a professional relationship can be established. The mistake is sending the same press release to all the media, without targeting, without thinking. Journalists are contacted dozens of times a day by press services. Define, filter and highlight the importance of your information, and the journalist will be more receptive to it “,” concludes Pascal Toth, Director of Esupcom.

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