“I don’t want Mrs. Le Pen to one day impose a right-wing Nubian”

to meAfter a climactic summer, the return to politics promises to be just as hot. The French began to worry about potential energy shortages in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, high prices and a blockage in the country with a National Assembly without an absolute majority. The government is preparing a sober plan, but it must implement it no matter what happens because of the state of our public finances.

The topics are not deficient, and François Durouvray, president of the Republicans in the Eason General Council and a confidant of Xavier Bertrand, is the guest interviewer at the weekend. Point.

the point : Climate change, inflation, the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine… Back to school has rarely sounded so explosive. are you worried ?

Francois Durouvray: It could be explosive if we collectively can’t find a new path. The crises we are going through are severe, they are disrupting our way of life. Far from observing, the politician must draw a horizon, mark the stages, and bring the French together. He cannot be content with being a commentator on crises. If there was no political translation, yes, going back to school would be difficult.

In the face of rising energy prices, a “don’t pay in the UK” movement is developing in the UK, with some households refusing to foot the bill. Do you fear infection?

I’m definitely worried. Moreover, because the spring electoral sequence did not make it possible to settle important questions. Emmanuel Macron evaded the presidential campaign. There was no discussion. And when there is no discussion, there is no delegation. And when there is no delegation, there is resentment. The government and the president must get off the pedestal at all costs.

What do you think of the very dark vocabulary that the President of the Republic uses?

The French are ready to hear the truth: it will be difficult. What was embarrassing about the President of the Republic’s words was that it was the opposite of what he had previously said: he spoke of “happy days” or “happy globalization.” Today is the end of reckless, even disastrous. It’s in a counter-exercise of use compared to the 2017 election. Far from the act, the French still don’t know what macaroni is.

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Specifically, I have absolutely no hope of the Executive’s 10 or 15 day letter…

In general, there was not much hope in the speech of politicians 20 years ago! There is an inability to build a political presentation and say where we want to take the country. We have stopped thinking. The left has lost credibility in participatory, or even abolished, culture. Meanwhile, the oath stopped thinking. Some have long believed that the gathering of the three families within the UMP party was enough to be present at the second round. This is a mistake, and we have shrunk. There is a real challenge to the right to rebuild a show that speaks to all the French. Because the party does not have to address specific segments of society, but rather the entire nation.

We confuse advertising and business.

Is there a problem with the long time? Are politicians not overreactive?

I’ve been an elected local administrator for over 20 years and have had no trouble explaining things, taking the time and building projects. The French aspire to the long term. Immediate questions should not distract from this. We come to confuse advertising and business. We have to get back to basics: What do we want in 15 or 20 years? If we want France to remain a force in the twenty-first centurye century, we must deal in particular with the question of knowledge, the ecological and demographic transition … to produce better, to live better, to better understand the world. It doesn’t happen in a year!

For example, Emmanuel Macron has launched projects for new nuclear reactors, but they will be delivered within 10 years. But energy rationing for this winter. The speech is difficult to understand.

It is incomprehensible! In 2018, the President and Elizabeth Bourne, then-Secretary of the Environment, proudly announced the closure of 14 nuclear reactors, including Fessenheim. It would have been different today had these disastrous mistakes not been made. But now we have no choice. We must make a collective effort, and at the same time, implement tomorrow’s environmental transformation. It is necessary and requires work. So I am in favor of a carbon tax at the European level, but revenue should be affected, and in that condition it will be socially accepted by the French.

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Speaking to Medef, Elizabeth Bourne sounded like a corporate threat: Either she puts in an effort, or we’ll cut the power. You are the head of a department with a large group of companies. Do companies bear the burden of energy sobriety?

What jumps out at me is that she looks surprised. This was unfortunately to be expected, and the responses given thus far by the executive branch have been very fragmented. I expect a comprehensive plan from the government. Short-term measures are already needed – aid or coercive measures. Of course, I support the idea of ​​penalizing a store that leaves its door open with the air conditioning on. However, this cannot be enough. You must have a comprehensive plan. Corporations are actors like others: they have to be involved in the effort, but they can’t do it all on their own.

The right should embody the environment of progress. An environment that gathers and mobilizes generations and consciences and assures their confidence in science to raise them.

What vision do you have in ecology?

In contrast to the structural discourse imposed on us by the French Greens, supporters of decadence and prohibition, who promote the ideological vision. The oath should embody the environment of progress, echoing the true expectations of the French. An environment that brings together and mobilizes generations and consciences and affirms their confidence in science to face climate challenges. We have a word to build and I’m working on it in my area. This environment of progress is based, in my opinion, on four pillars: conservation, decarbonization, sobriety, and locality. We put this into practice at Essonne: Natural Sensitive Zones, Local Food, Fighting Energy Sieves, Local Energy Production with Geothermal or Methane, etc.

Local elected officials have a role…

Of course, like everything that affects the daily life of the French. I have suggested to my fellow department heads to enter into an agreement with the Prime Minister to help the country meet the challenges of tomorrow: environmental, demographic, digital transformation, education… Departments have these skills and the state alone cannot do everything. Since 2017, local elected officials have several times suggested to the executive branch to work together, unfortunately we are not heard much…when we are not considered subcontractors for public policy.

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Do you support the imposition of a tax on high-profit companies?

Pitting the actors against each other has never solved the country’s problems. We must start all the French. Unfortunately, we take all subjects through the small end of the telescope.

How is it right?

The right has a huge responsibility. If we don’t succeed, in 2027And the It would be the far right. Nor do I want anyone to know, after five years, the fate of PS. I don’t want m.I Le Pen one day imposes right-wing noobs. I will always find his opposition, because we have nothing in common with RN. This is also a battle that I share with Xavier Bertrand.

Regarding the oath, my political family, there is of course the issue of incarnation – and the election at the head of LR is the first step – but above all you have to build strong projects! Valerie Pecresse’s failure was not her campaign or her character, but, above all, an uncertain ideological base for which we are collectively responsible. We have to rebuild. This means resuming the required intellectual work, rediscovering the course of ideas, over a long period of time, meeting the French. Away from electoral marketing and the tyranny of the immediate media.

Xavier Bertrand made a good choice because he was given his share of the freedom which is necessary to speak to all the French.

What would be the right project?

We must offer the French people a way to live in harmony with the rest of life with the ambition to continue to promote freedoms and social progress. This assumes that we are rebuilding the nation. To share a history, values, a democratic life and a relationship with a sovereign state whose authority is once again respected.

This means reconnecting with the idea of ​​progress, around school and work, to once again combine individual and collective destiny, to give future generations hope for a better life. Our country has lived on credit for 40 years. Only the creation of wealth – and therefore work – will make it possible to improve purchasing power and meet the challenges of aging and environmental transformation.

This transition, this new balance between man and nature, must eventually lead us to question our relationship with the machine. The upcoming knowledge economy, based on digital technology, is both an opportunity and a risk. Within Europe, France has a unique voice to humanize this relationship with the machine, in the face of the excesses of authoritarian regimes.

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Did Xavier Bertrand miss the boat for not running for LR presidency?

no. I respect political parties, they have a big role, but we must realize that they are sick today. It is not possible to imagine building a presidential project within the framework of a party only. Xavier Bertrand made a good choice because he was given his share of freedom which is necessary to speak to all the French. I can assure you that he is fully aware of the seriousness of the moment and that his approach is motivated by a duty to help the country recover and continues to assert itself as a great power.

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