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After leaving Luc Bourcier, CEO of izneo for nearly 7 years, it is Ainara Ipas who will take the reins of the service established in 2010. The future General Manager, whose appointment will be formalized on September 5, presents an eclectic range of career: Marketing experience in Albert René (Asterix, therefore) releases as well as at Paramount Pictures studios, prior to joining the Steinkis Group as Marketing Director.

She joined Amazon in 2017, to lead Kindle Direct Publishing, the online merchant’s self-publishing service, and then took over as president of Audible, the dedicated audiobook subsidiary last May.

Digital expansion in media posts

A real strategy is taking shape, given the latest investments the group has made over the past few months. In April, it was the music streaming platform Deezer that was interested: the CEO of Media, Vincent Montagne, decided to enter the capital, thereby accompanying the company’s IPO.

Thinking focuses on shared innovations around our business – in all editorial segments. Likewise, we are looking to exchange skills, knowledge and technology to enrich customer experiences regarding mobileDeputy General Manager, Julien Papiller, explained to ActuaLitté.

At the end of July, we learned of the acquisition of Anime Digital Network, a video platform co-founded with Viz Media Europe. And that, from the perspective of the original creations, as well as the arrival of new series – the show was mainly focused on Japanese animation. A particularly competitive sector, but as the DGA mentioned: “France remains a country of reference in everything related to Japanese culture, which is begging for our benefit . »

And to add:Investments are important, but the media model is one of the long-term visions, and it also includes brand management. We have some unique styles to highlight.So we can better gauge how the acquisition of izneo shares in Fnac broadens the digital strategy generated by previous transactions.

Maintaining gains

In 2016, Fnac acquired 50% of the capital of izneo, which confirms the desire to develop in the digital sector: most of the shareholders of the tool, both in bookstores and in the distributor of digital comics, have strengthened the brand “Links with key players in the book market with whom we share the same vision and the same long-term interestsCoralie Peyton, director of strategy and director of FNAC book confirmed.

But over time, the digital consumption of Franco-Belgian comics has waned, and even it accounts for only a small percentage of reading habits. Thus, surveys show that readers choose 30, or even 40%, of manga when it comes to digital — including pirate shows. And that, against 1% when it comes to Franco-Belgian titles, identifies Julien Pappelier.

Regarding izneo, Fnac was a seller, and we saw an opportunity there. Incorporating this tool into Média posts first preserves the work of Luc Bourcier and his teams, while expanding our vision for the future of digital reading“, he continued.

With the arrival of the Korean giants to the editorial scene, their webtoon show, among others, Vincent Montagne’s group”You don’t want to leave the market to these players. Dupuis started a show with the Webtoon Factory in January 2019: we have a role to play and izneo will incubate and develop new projects, both in original creations and through marketing work from Asia“.

Refocus the editorial presentation

However, since 2018, izneo’s results have widened the deficit: in 2020, the turnover was 3.84 million euros, with losses of 446,000 euros and in 2021, 3.07 million euros in sales, and 673,000 euros in losses. “The bet for Franco-Belgian comedy is not a win, as I explain, because readers of these works prefer paper‘ indicates the deputy general manager.

GfK data confirm this: 85 million copies sold, 890 million euros in sales volume, growing respectively by 60 and 50% from 2020 to 2021. Comics account for one in four books sold on the French market, now surpassing children’s books.

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For 15-25 year olds, the izneo show was hard to read: they came online for a specific genre – manga, webtoon – which was then drenched in all the titles the platform offered. For over a year we have been working on a new formula that will be revealed in October. izneo teams will be responsible, with a redesign that gives a more defined identity‘ confirms Julian Babeler.

In addition, the aspect of digital distribution remains: the historical minority of izneo shareholders includes a number of publishers who have followed the new trend. “This professional component will evolve in terms of yet to be evaluated. We will now collaborate with partners closer to us, which will change the balance of current activities.»

Ainara Ipas, whose collection enjoys “Knowing the world of comedy». Remember that she participated in the 48H BD event, a process that took place over the weekend, in which about ten books were sold for 2 euros in bookstores. This year, the edition was released on April 1 and 2, in France and Belgium, with over 200,000 copies in stock and many animations.

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