Localities are accelerating the digital transformation of tourism

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Regions looking for new avenues of tourism after COVID-19 through digital transformation.

Photo: VNA / CVN

Businesses in Ninh Binh Province (North) provide tourism information through websites, the Provincial Tourism Ministry portal, the Province Tourism Promotion Information Center and social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube and Zalo.

The director of the province’s tourism department, Pui Van Manh, said that the challenges of digital transformation of tourism have not yet been met, and measures are needed to overcome them.

In order to make tourism a mainstay of the economy and Binh a major tourism center in the country, the province will digitize the sector’s statistical indicator system based on big data while linking the local reporting system with reports between provinces and citizens.

Bùi Van Manh proposed several solutions, including educating local authorities and business owners on digital transformation, linking the database to sites, improving infrastructure quality and quality of services. issues.

Double decker bus tour of Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: VNA / CVN

According to him, it is necessary to link state tourism management bodies from the local to the central level and travel companies in order to jointly develop the smart tourism ecosystem.

He said industry players need to understand that digital transformation is not just about technology, but also about management, approach and marketing.

The deputy director of the Tourism Administration of Ho Chi Minh City, Lê Truong Hiên Hoà, said the department is embarking on the 2020-2030 Smart Tourism Project. Recently, the huge southern city has also applied digital technology in management. As part of the project, the department has created a database on tourism services and improving experiences for tourists and residents.

The official added that the city also launched a smart tourism application on Android and iOS, updated its portal and launched the city’s tourism promotion website at www.visithcmc.vn.

Updates of tourism activities are published regularly on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Tours are also offered on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Traveloka.

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