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44 years old and a pioneer for 20 years already! And the adventure has just begun, because Nasser Ngoya, President of Palmarès World Holdings, puts no limits in exploring new possibilities.

The poet Virgil said, “Fortunate smiles upon daring.” Translation: Those who try everything are most likely to succeed. At just 24 years old, Nasir Ngoya created Palmares in 2002, with only three years of professional experience. A communications agency that will quickly establish itself in this sector in Cameroon and internationally, by expanding its field of competence.

Two years ago, he had to show incredible audacity to be recruited. Recently back from France, having just obtained a master’s degree in communication from Sup de Co in Nantes, he naturally looked for a job and submitted his resume to a few agencies.

One day while visiting his uncle Salif Lamaru, then Director of Public Affairs for SGS, he came across a brochure signed by Synergie Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the most successful communications agencies in the country. what will he do? Instead of asking his uncle, for example, to introduce it, the next day, Nasir Ngoya, who hates soft skills, enters the phone booth, puts on a handkerchief for the “aging” of his voice and asks to speak to his boss. At the other end of the line is Elissar Walper, an ambitious and hardworking young woman. Pretending to be Salif Lamaru, his uncle, he congratulates her on the quality of the brochure the agency has produced, then kindly asks her to receive… his nephew, interested in communicating, “without any obligation on your part,” he identifies. The appointment was obtained the following afternoon. At the end of the interview, young Nasser was recruited as head of propaganda. He stayed there for two years before joining Océan Ogilvy, another famous agency.

“Fear is the enemy of a man of action.”

Daring, he really needed to return to Cameroon when everything was rosy for him in France. In the country for his mother’s funeral, he decided not to return, when he did not complete his studies. To the dismay of his older sister and girlfriend at the time, a French woman, she was surprised that he was going in the opposite direction as Africans migrated in waves to Europe. An obvious answer: “Everything is already done in the house. With us, everything must be built. “
This 21-year-old, who “thinks like a monk,” in the words of Jay Shetty, knows neither doubt nor fear: “I never doubt. I can ask myself (…) Fear does not diminish the severity of danger. It eliminates on our abilities to think and act. Fear is the enemy of a man of action. And this day is truer more for those who creed daring over faith, and daring over daring, as well as positive thoughts, benevolence, ambition, and self-confidence. His speed, his triumphant spirit, and his stubbornness in striving for heights It may surprise those who don’t know him.But when we learn that Nasir Ngoya is Emir Bamon of Nkongsamba, which was once the third largest city in Cameroon, a cosmopolitan city outside national borders “a model for living together”, in his words; his historical reference is His great-grandfather, the Sultan of Ngoya, and his grandfather, Shari Yen, the founder of the Bamun kingdom, who overcame all possible and imaginable obstacles from Pankim to the Nun plain on foot and in the bush; that he had absolute confidence in himself and believed that all things were possible provided that we give ourselves the means, and easily understand his path. straight …

Fast lane to the Océan Ogilvy where it is served in contrasting conditions. The agency accumulates salary arrears and as Senior Advertising Manager, he manages a group of clients who have signed on for him, and who have also followed him since leaving Synergie Saatchi & Saatchi. He doesn’t see himself playing bohemian with those clients who trust him. Then he decides to fly alone. We are in March 2002, the young prodigy is in his twenty-fourth year.

A success story full of slogans and diversity
His wit of the situation prompts him to fire Palmarès rather than knock on the door of a third agency. His stay at Synergie Saatchi & Saatchi where he benefited from commissions on his portfolio turnover, payment of his arrears and good severance pay by Océan Ogilvy, enabled him to form a fund of seven million francs. He takes the rent of the Boulevard de la Liberte in Douala, and he rents from a friend of his for 50 thousand francs.

And so begins a wonderful adventure with the youngest head of a communications agency. Charming first year, turnover reached 150 million CFA francs in 9 months of activity. Clients who have put their trust in this business incubator have big budgets: Cimencam, Pirelli, Guinness, Alios Finances, Bicec, Chronopost…Young CEO of you and your with the managing directors of these companies,” all expats, except Mr. Elizabeth identifies Nkundu from Bicec. I got their budgets without commissions. Even now, after twenty years, I’ve never left an envelope to get a budget,” insists Nasir Ngoya, responding to young people who believe that nothing is possible without corruption. A prosperous year, favored by the establishment of Promote and the World Cup between Japan and Korea, two major events during which Palmarès will accompany some of its clients.

The list of awards will know how quickly on the wheels of hats the growth crisis began, as well as a difficult year 2004. But its association with FCB Worldwide (the third oldest advertising agency in the world, present in 90 countries), signed in 2003, will enable it not only to evaluate its curve, but above all to put its mark on Africa, and even on Europe. Thus, the young agency had stolen the limelight from six sisters who were chosen by the American advertising giant FCB (Foote Cone and Belding).

From Cameroon, FCB Palmarès leverages the prestige, networking and training of the American brand and thus sets out to conquer Africa: Chad (telephone operator TIGO, now Moov), Congo, DRC (phone operator Vodacom in association with CMTC- FCB Agency), Gabon (Gras Savoye ), Equatorial Guinea (IBERIA Spanish Airlines), RCA (Atlantique Cellulaire, current Moov), Niger (telephone operator, current Moov), South Africa, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco, Spain (with a prestigious client such as La Liga) … The campaigns follow each other and attract more and more customers. The group, which now enjoys an international reputation, now brings together accolades and awards. So far, Nasser Ngoya is the Cameroonian advertiser who has accompanied the mobile operators the most.

Ideas abound and its activities diversify. In 2009, it launched the first sports marketing agency in French-speaking Africa called Palmares Sport Orgnization, and in the same year it signed a support contract with the Cameroon Football Federation. For the first time in Cameroon.

Having started playing golf in 2007, feeling the void needed by the sport that generates $81 billion annually in the USA alone, in 2010 launched Golfica, the first golf media outlet in French-speaking Africa, distributing the magazine in Cameroon and Gabon.

Diversification will follow in 2017 at the Parc des Princes, during SPORTEM (European Sports Marketing Exhibition) for Match One, the social network of sports actors. PSO was the only African agency and its product took on an international dimension.

We now find the group in sports, media, cultural and artistic architecture, with offices in Kigali in Rwanda, in Casablanca in Morocco and a hub opening in West Africa in December 2022 in Abidjan in Ivory Coast; Concepts like PalmarèsHumanbranding that takes care of the image and manages marketing contracts for stars like footballers NchoutAjara or GabrielleAboudiOnguéné, who become brands or artists Stanley Enow, Ko-CI, component image of Mützig star winners through an artistic and cultural engineering agency set up in 2022, once again, first of its kind in Cameroon.

Unshakable self-confidence

But who is this man whose career success sounds like a fairy tale? Aussi grand que discret, Nasser Njoya est un concentré d’oxymore : fils de l’une des plus grandes et influentes familles du Cameroun, ce descendant de la couronne Bamoun étouffe d’humilité là où beaucoup auraient pour joué atinfluence’ influence the sun. He does everything not to be seen as a simple “son”, such as refusing to work with Fécafoot and then headed by his cousin Seydou Mbombo Ngoya, even though PSO, his sports marketing agency, was set up in 2009, the first of its kind. In Cameroon and French-speaking Africa, it has all the legitimacy and all the necessary skills and has expressed itself brilliantly in this field since its inception. PSO has already counted Cameroonian golf, cycling and handball associations among its clients, as well as associations in Rwanda and Morocco.

In 2021, he was a member of COCAN 20/21 Marketing Committee during CHAN (African Championship of Nations), concerned about his reputation and fidelity to his virtuous values, in order to avoid any conflict of interest with COCAN and certain cooperation with CAF and other CAF Partners, Nasir Ngoya submits his resignation. A rare thing in the local land.

From early childhood, Nkongsamba kid was a fan of reading. He reads everything that comes his way. But above all, he does not hesitate to sacrifice pocket money to buy books. He excels himself by reading the works of the upper classes of 3 or 4 years. Thus he discovered philosophy from the fourth grade. In 1991, while staying in Nkongsamba to attend the funeral of Bishop Albert Ndogmo, he said that his uncle Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Ingoya gave him and his brothers pocket money. When his mother asked for their money to be secured, Nasser Ngoya had already started spending it on newspapers (Jeune Afrique, L’Equipe, France Football, Onze Mondial, Cameroon Tribune, etc.).

His management department, built over the years in this field as well as through standard training here and elsewhere, is based on a strong sense of innovation, great predictability, tremendous mental strength and comprehensive vision. This is how he managed to break out of the recession that rocked Palmares in 2014. Having entered communication almost from the top, he is now also into high-end catering services. In November 2021, the Prince of Nun, with his dear wife of Moroccan origin, who was affectionately named the Queen, created the Maroquiya Restaurant, based in Bonabriso. In one year, Marocquiya has already become the gastronomic destination in Douala for connoisseurs. Maroquiya Douala is the first restaurant chain that the Njoya couple initially wanted to expand to Kinshasa, Dar es Salaam, Accra and Cotonou.

Africa is a fertile ground for Nasser Ngoya, and young people turned his attention: “We have 54 wonderful countries. What cannot be achieved in Cameroon, is necessarily elsewhere (…) I would like to make young people understand that everything is possible: have ethics in your projects. We can. Earn money in a virtuous way.”


Born May 22, 1978 in Nkongsamba
Public School Group Two: CEPE
Nicole Eaton High School:
Samba Institute: Probatory D, Bac D
Nantes Sup de Co: Master of Communication
2002: Awards
2003: Signing with American FCB Worldwide
2009: Launch of the Sports Marketing Agency PSO (Palmaris Sports Organization)

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