Bulk: Packtic is developing an app to ensure product/packaging traceability

From 2030, business is more than 400m2 It must offer at least 20% of bulk products on its shelves. If bulk publication is a regulatory obligation, it also responds to consumer demand. According to Yougov’s study, 63% of French people want to buy bulk products from major brands which are usually packaged.

Bulk: Loss of product information

Seeking to support this enthusiasm, Grenoble-based Packtic started from the principle that the absence of packaging should not call into question the traceability guarantees and comprehensive product information that manufacturers, distributors and consumers increasingly demand.

“The observation we made is twofold: when a consumer buys their products in bulk and keeps them in a jar, at home, they lose an entire valuable piece of product information. No traceability, no further information about the product,” explains Nadège Court Perrin, founder of Packtic. Minimum Durability Date (DDM) or cooking instructions, for example.

“For brands, they are sometimes torn between wanting to increase their size and fear of depriving themselves of a connection space by freeing themselves from physical encapsulation,” she adds.

Brand contact space

Concept: After downloading the free “My Shelf” app for consumers and businesses, scanning the QR code on the large silo or directly on the receipt will display the following information: batch number, composition, ingredient source, allergen list, nutritional values, expiration date, instructions for use, etc.

On the branding side, Packtic offers unlimited space for communication.

“Brands can recreate their world, provide recipes, add tips, videos and additional information…This is a whole new contact area for marketing teams to explore!” says Nadege Kurt Perrin.

After winning the first techno award at the ALVA European Mega Invention Competition last June, the digital tracking platform is currently being tested with Léa Nature’s Jardin Bio Vrac brand and Measurement brand. A national publication is scheduled for September.

Packtic aims to achieve sales of more than 1 million euros by 2025.

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