Broadcast TV License Fee: Paying Soon, When?

TV ownership. The TV license fee has been eliminated this year.

[Mise à jour du vendredi 02 septembre 2022 à 09h13] Good news for your purchasing power this fall. Next fall, families with a TV will no longer be required to pay the TV license fee. As part of a series of measures in favor of purchasing power, Parliament has approved the abolition of the contribution to audiovisual services, a tax that so far amounts to 138 euros. Remember to keep an eye on your bank account. At the beginning of September, the tax authorities will pay the withholdings in 2022. There is no step to be taken in advance. Please note, however, that this procedure does not apply to all taxpayers…

In September 2022, some tax households will benefit from the reimbursement of the contribution to public broadcasting. This decision is a direct consequence of the abolition of this tax, which Parliament registered in early August. Be careful however, the reimbursement does not concern all taxpayers, but only those who are no longer liable for the housing tax and who are paid monthly. If you are still subject to local tax, the amount of the TV license fee will be deducted from it in the fall. Families who do not receive a monthly wage will not see a difference if they are no longer required to pay housing tax.

The government decided to cancel the contribution to public broadcasting, in order to reduce the tax burden on families. It is a continuation of the reforms begun during the first five years of Emmanuel Macron. The President of the Republic led a reform of the income tax scale, as well as the abolition of the housing tax on the main dwelling, which came into full force in 2023.

Certain taxpayers can benefit from exemption from TV license fees:

  • Part of the housing tax exempt.
  • Those whose reference tax income (RFF) was 0. For reference tax income, see your tax notice.

Other persons concerned with exemption from TV license fees, persons who were exempted before 2005, and who are over the age of 82 on January 1, 2021. Here are the conditions they have to meet:

  • Not be taxable under the income tax for the year prior to payment
  • Not subject to real estate wealth tax in the year prior to payment
  • Occupy your home alone or with the person you live with as a couple (husband or wife, partner Pacs, cohabitant or concubine) or with Aspa or Asi beneficiaries, or with people whose RFF is below certain limits. The amounts not to be exceeded in 2022 should be as follows:
Number of family division shares The reference tax income may not be exceeded
1 11,276 EUR
1.25 €12,781
1.5 14,286 EUR
1.75 15,792 €
2 17,297 EUR
2.25 18,802 euros
2.5 20,037 €
2.75 21813 EUR
3 23,318 EUR
For every additional half serving 3,011 euros
For every additional quarter, 1505 EUR

The amount of the TV tax was not the same depending on whether the place of residence in question was located in mainland France or in an overseas department. The amount of the television broadcasting license fee in 2022 was 138 euros in France and 88 euros in the rest of the regions. It was due to be paid at the same time as the housing tax payment, generally on November 15 for most payment methods, November 20 for online payments and November 25 for direct deduction when due.

Who had to pay the TV license fee?

Persons subject to housing tax whose house was equipped with a TV or similar device on January 1 of the year, whether it was theirs or not, are subject to the TV tax. It should be noted that only one television license fee was owed per tax household, regardless of the number of devices owned and the number of dwellings involved (taxpayers did not pay a contribution to the public broadcasting of their primary residence and secondary residence). Same if you have student children who no longer live with you and are attached to your tax household: You only paid one fee for the TVs you owned and the ones your kids had.

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