Back to school is played at home! – custom axle

Whether it is in a professional or school context, the start of a new school year is a key moment in preparations for that year. Indoors, young and old discuss and make decisions: buy new supplies, clothes, take out insurance or extra-curricular activities.

The home is the place of decision making for projects, online purchases, and consumer goods, and it is also a key place in the back-to-school period. This observation was provided by Iligo, who conducted a qualitative study on the topic on behalf of La Poste Solutions Business in 2021.

Therefore, the start of the new school year is a pivotal period, during which strong emotions are at stake: the excitement of modernity, but also the pressures of having so much to organize. Back to school is a moment of sharing with the family, an achievement in seeing your children develop, a resumption of the daily rhythm and a huge challenge in terms of planning!

Moreover, whoever says back to school says purchases. If it is often the mother of the family who makes decisions and takes actions, then all the initial stages of thinking are the result of exchanges and discussions between the various members of the family, including the children themselves. It is about school supplies and clothes.

Timing is also important and should be taken into account by advertisers for their paper communications. If the school year actually starts in September, it will be prepared in advance, and this is from July for school supplies. On the other hand, other purchases, such as clothing, services or extra-curricular activities are made later, between the end of August and September.

The buying process is sometimes as long as it is divided into five stages: birth of desire and idea, research, exchanges, selection and fitting. Through these various stages, the Bulletin emerges as a tool to aid in research, comparisons, and final selections. Print ads are also the most active point of contact for the purchase of school supplies and clothing. Thus, the beginning of the new school year is a period of contact that helps not to miss brands, which, with their targeted and personalized advertising mail, will be able to feed the reflections of families.

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