Apple | VOG hits the market with a strong brand revamp and new marketing position | Fruits and vegetables succeed

harvest in Slight decrease but with an increase in varieties ‘Most creative’ and membership This is the Italian VOG’s forecast for the 2022-2023 apple season, according to a statement on August 31. The campaign has already begun with the selection of the first Royal Gala in mid-August. Sizes are expected to arrive 450 thousand tons for integrated production, a decrease of -3.5% more than a year. On the other hand, the production Organic expected to rise +15% to 35,000 tonsThanks to the new orchards that have been planted in recent years.

“This data reflects estimates for the South Tyrol region, where production is expected to decline by -3%,” says the consortium.

VOG is betting on new Club varieties and brands

On the variety side, VOG announced a 15% drop in the Royal Gala, a return to normal for Granny Smith and Reduction in other traditional varietiesAnd the Result of item renewal launched by the consortium in recent years. Thus, new varieties under the brand or club are growing vigorously:

+ 15% for Pink Lady

+ 11% Kenzi

+ 35% for envy

+ 32% for the night

+ 74% joy

+ 40% Crimson Snow

+ 32% in SweeTango

VOG’s latest release continues to grow as well: Production Giga will double to reach more than 4000 tons, RedPop will increase to nearly 3000 tons (+40%) and Cosmic Crisp will reach 3500 tons.

Complex economic context, European consumption at half mast

At the European level, a slight increase in production (12.17 million tons) is expected but much less than the record harvest of 2018. In Italy, the harvest should exceed 2 million tons. “Main production areas, such as France, Germany and Poland are also expected to rise. And other factors that will affect the European market at the beginning of the season, Comments by Klaus Holzel, Commercial Director of VOG. In Europe, there is a weaker demand due to a decrease in consumptionwhile some markets, such as Germany, have still stock. imports The southern hemisphere is not yet dry. »

“At the same time, we are facing High costs of energy and raw materials, which producers are unlikely to be able to absorb completely. We anticipate a hesitant start to the campaign,” Klaus Holzel continues.

Strategic marketing transformation

From this 2022-2023 campaign, VOG Consortium presents itself as “Apple House” (Apple House). Originexpertise, Sustainabilityand products and Trademarks are the five pillars that claim VOG.

Home of Apples isn’t just a rebranding process: it is Our Value Statement and the way we work, Walter Bardacher, general manager of VOG, explains. We account for 6% of European production and 32% of Italy’s production and we are present in 75 international markets. »

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