How do you make money on Pinterest?

Since its inception, Pinterest has been more than just a social network where people get inspired. It is also a platform where you can earn money. With over four hundred million users to his credit, the chances of making money on Pinterest are plentiful. If you are also looking for the best strategy to make money on this platform, then it will be useful for you.

Pinterest: Brief Definition

Pinterest comes from a combination of the two terms Pin which means pin and interest which means interest. Pinterest is a platform launched in 2020 with the purpose of sharing and organizing images and infographics. It is presented in the form of a table where the user is invited to install the images of his choice. As one of the most used social networks in 2022, it is registering an astonishing growth rate.

Currently, bloggers, influencers and even well-known companies do not hesitate to promote their brands and/or products via the platform. Especially since with Pinterest it is possible to create accounts dedicated to professionals.

Why choose Pinterest?

The preferred platform for bloggers, Pinterest is used by millions of users who are looking for different opportunities. Unlike social networks like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest is a network that is primarily content-based. It differs from other platforms in its peculiarity: it is based on images! That is why bloggers around the world are turning to this network. in all fields; Cooking, Finance, Marketing and Communication, everyone can find what they are looking for.

Here’s the starting principle for making money on Pinterest:

  • Define your niche or industry (finance, fashion, food, etc.).
  • Create and publish content on your blog by adding sponsored products, ads, or placements.
  • Create a Pinterest account.
  • Set up a pin.
  • Post the photo or photos on Pinterest.

The strategies are numerous, but the principle remains the same. When a user enters the platform to search for something that interests them and is linked to your blog post or any other site like for example, they will see the generated pin. This will then cause you to click on it to view ads and make purchases for your products and/or services.

What are the different ways to make money on Pinterest?

There are 4 monetization options on Pinterest:

  1. By installing products
  2. Use pins and direct them to blog posts
  3. Through the affiliate marketing program to promote the sale of your products
  4. Through affiliate links

Earn money on Pinterest by pinning products

This is perhaps one of the most popular ways used to make money with this platform. This simply consists of using product pins, sponsored pins, or fame pins. For example, you launched a product on your site and for this you posted an attractive photo of it on the network. A visual whose main purpose is to entice Internet users (or installers) to lead them to click on the pin you created. Once you click on it, they will be redirected directly to your sales page to make purchases there. However, it will be necessary to check that your website is well set up and that the pins are properly activated.

Earn money on Pinterest by using Pins and directing them to blog posts

The second option to make money on Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website or blog. To do this, you have the option of using advertising or using a sales funnel. For this purpose, the platform offers advertising programs like Adsense that allow bloggers to earn money easily.

As long as your site/blog is generating enough traffic, it is likely that a percentage of visitors will click on any of the ads you provide. This is how you can earn money, because the companies that display their ads will pay the owner of the blog or site in question.

In other words, a higher traffic rate means more ad clicks, which will automatically increase revenue. When it comes to sales funnels, the process is a little different and very complex. You must own a product and be able to promote it. Next, you will have to ask visitors to fill out a form so that they can communicate with their contact (email) in exchange for a free product/service.

Earn money on Pinterest with our affiliate program to promote the sale of your products

This alternative is for you if you have created your product and plan to sell it, because you obviously want to take advantage of it. To do this, you will be driving Pinterest Pins to your niche to join your referral program. The latter will then take care of promoting these affiliate links which will allow you to increase your sales. To achieve this, you will need to manage an affiliate program.

Earn money on Pinterest with affiliate links

If none of the alternatives below are of interest to you or suit you, you can opt for affiliate marketing. This method will allow you to earn money through commissions via affiliate links. This is a fairly simple process. You need to get your affiliate program link and use it as your PIN link. However, this link should contain all the information needed to manage the sales made. For each sale concluded, you will benefit from a commission, because you have sent one or more customers to the site.

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