Alex Grossman appointed Vice President, Product Marketing, DataCore

DataCore Software has appointed technology industry expert Alex Grossman as Vice President of Product Marketing. Indeed, companies in all market segments are trying to meet unprecedented challenges, whether it is protecting data against ransomware, ensuring business continuity/disaster recovery, and reinvesting and preserving digital media content. DataCore’s appointment of Alex Grossman will help accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions tailored to the needs of a rapidly growing market.

Alex Grossman is a cross-functional team leader with a background in product management and product marketing leadership at large technology companies as well as start-ups. Join DataCore with over 30 years of experience in the data warehousing industry, including deep expertise in the media, entertainment and content fields. En tant que vice-president de Quantum Corporation, Alex Grossman a transformé la gamme de produits de mégadonnées et de médias et de divertissement pour mieux apprivoiser les exigences du cycle de vie des actifs numériques et de la livra à la production age à la long term This has doubled sales growth by 10 in one year.

Alex Grossman built Active Storage Inc. To become a content market leader with award-winning cloud management and optimization software, SAAS, and hardware workflow products. He also served as Product Manager, Founder and CEO of Symply, which pioneered the creation of a hyper-converged workflow infrastructure for media professionals with award-winning UI/UX designs, and cloud, disk, and tape solutions. One of its main strengths is the ability to identify new untapped markets, but also to offer solutions focused on vertical markets, while synchronizing work between engineers and management teams.

The highlight of his career is that Steve Jobs hired Alex Grossman to develop a new line of storage and server products for Apple. Thus, he introduced a new multi-billion dollar profitable product category. Alex Grossman has been a much sought-after speaker at industry events, and has also hosted podcasts and co-hosted a radio show from Los Angeles on business issues and growth needs.

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