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He reports to the Web Consulting Services Manager, the Web and Digital Marketing Project Manager is responsible for the relationship with his clients and plays the role of leader with internal teams. They make sure to advise the client while respecting his goals. In addition to staying attentive to identifying opportunities related to their accounts, they are responsible for ensuring the success of authorizations and customer satisfaction.

Main tasks

Client relationship and advisory role: The client depends on you!

  • Establish and maintain a trusting relationship with clients.
  • Uncover business development opportunities.
  • Ensure an impeccable customer experience and maintain the agency’s good reputation.
  • Understand the business issues and objectives of its clients.
  • Advise the client and analyze his needs.
  • Be proactive in finding solutions.
  • Contribute to defining the digital marketing strategy for accounts and projects.
  • Ensure that the brand experience is maintained across the digital ecosystem.
  • Assist in setting priorities and managing expectations – a long-term vision.

Project management: You are our leader!

  • Ensure the management and development of various digital projects simultaneously.
  • Providing the necessary vision for the success of projects and clients.
  • Coordination of team members (strategy, DA, UX/UI, technology development…).
  • Write and submit proposals, deadlines, budgets and final reports.
  • Create and maintain project schedules and delivery plans.
  • Build and update specifications (compliance with area of the project).
  • Perform strict management to ensure quality control throughout all phases of authorizations.
  • Anticipate and solve problems that may arise during the implementation of projects by providing creative solutions.
  • Ensure compliance with business objectives and customer needs.
  • Ensure profitability of accounts by assessing and controlling costs related to authorizations.
  • Ensure the follow-up of workflow and delivery of files to the client.

Required experiences

  • DEC or Bachelor’s degree in Communications or a related discipline
  • At least 5 years of experience in account management, including at least 3 years in the digital field

Requirements/Skills sought

  • Master the stages of web project development
  • Strong planning and organizational skills enable effective management of many files at once and well manage deadlines and priorities
  • Ability to work in a team and share knowledge
  • The spirit of analysis and synthesis is developed
  • Strong customer and results oriented
  • Sense of initiative and independence
  • Discipline and rigor
  • Fluency in French (spoken and written)


  • have a two Language
  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies
  • Computer skills
  • Google knowledge to meAnalytics
  • Knowledge of SEO / SEM
  • Knowledge of JIRA management tool

But above all, at CRI, we are looking for a partner, who is fun and passionate, who deserves the best:

  • A salary that matches your talents
  • You choose your workplace yourself. At home and/or in the office. you decide!
  • Group insurance, group RRSPs and telemedicine.
  • Manage your schedules like a professional and above all you will have the chance to have a life as we try to balance the workload of each one.
  • social life. With more or less 45 employees, we are still a small company, a big family!

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