Platforms: Proprietary and Margin Techniques, Marketing and Advertising?: The Data Battle

American advertising giants are above all technological machines, and it is difficult to compete with them in this area. However, some companies have their own technology, which is a real differentiator.

Invibes Advertisement

Invibes Advertisement

there is chance, Invibes Advertisement He is often cited as one of the few IT professionals to have such an advantage. The company has developed a technology platform that allows advertising to be integrated into the website flow of its media and press partners. The customer experience is enriched with a banner at the bottom of the page. Above all, the group intervenes directly between publishers and advertisers, without going through Google or Facebook technology. There is no disappearing margins”, Loïc Wolf, co-founder of Greensome Finance, analyzes. In addition, “We are able to provide unique identifiers for targeted and contextual advertising to readers of our partner sites, without the use of cookies,” Explains Nicholas Polit, co-CEO and one of the founders of the company. Invibes Advertising invests 10% of its sales in research and development each year and has just raised 17 million euros, two thirds of which are to enrich and spread its platform internationally and for new projects, including a platform dedicated to the VSE-SME method do it yourself (to do it yourself) in terms of advertising campaign.

decobel (Former ADL partner), to some extent, could be seen as also having technology in part in the marketing chain. Originally best known for its press and insurance subscription portfolio activities (which still account for half of its income), it uses its expertise in database management. It offers marketing engineering, using marketplace platforms (Google, etc.), but also in-house developed proprietary platforms, particularly in its subsidiary Converteo, to automate and build campaigns. It’s all related to advice, analysis, influence… (which is also an agency). It plans to double its size by 2025.

adux, formerly HiMedia. The company that has experienced difficulties and does not have a good reputation in the stock market has changed. “Adux was an agency, a middleman between advertisers and websites, but the company really made a difference. It developed a platform for affiliate ads (sending internet traffic to merchant offers) and local ads (small ads at the end of web pages to be less intrusive). Above all, Adux takes advantage of technology and support from its Dutch parent company, Azerion (Games and Ads monetization).­quotes)”, Loïc Wolf explains. Society is already beginning to recover; For confirmation.

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Invibes ad: The company is very profitable although its earnings will be negative this year due to a change in the accounting framework. It aims to achieve 100 million euros in turnover in 2024 (including acquisitions). Applying a rating of 2 to 2.5 times sales, for excellent value there is still potential.

Target: €22.50 (ALINV).

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