Institut Escoffier: the leader in training for luxury professions

The Escoffier Institute has been in Mauritius since December 2014. This international institution is recognized as a regional leader in training in the luxury professions. Over the past ten years, the industry has continued to grow and constantly employs professionals who are familiar with the luxury icons.

It is no coincidence that many students get a permanent job once they are enrolled in the first year of their bachelor’s degree at Institut Escoffier. Besides hospitality and tourism, the luxury industry also includes real estate, spirits, gastronomy, jewelry, and automobiles, among others.

Institut Escoffier won the title of Best Education Institution in Gastronomy and Catering at the 2020 and 2021 Olympics.

The MBA in Luxury Management and Marketing from ESG Paris has been open part-time since November 2021. Five licenses/bachelors are offered from CY Cergy Paris and ESG Luxe: Luxury Marketing; bartender. luxury hotel unit manager; French and European gastronomic culture; Operational management of gastronomic catering.

Institut Escoffier offers diplomas that are recognized by the academic and professional world, after part-time or full-time training. Some are accessible from patent level (French system) or Form 5. For others, a baccalaureate or British matriculation certificate is required. The Escoffier Institute degrees are certificates of professional skills (patisserie, cooking, chocolatiers, bartenders, bar, hotel and restaurant). Graduates can, after an additional year of training, enter university studies.

In addition, Institut Escoffier has a fully equipped 80 m² pastry technical platform, an educational restaurant, a culinary laboratory, a technical training room for a bar, a café, a sommelier, a mixer, an educational reception, master classes and various theory classes.

One hundred partial undergraduate scholarships are awarded at the beginning of the academic year in October 2021 (subject to conditions). Licensure/Bachelor and MBA students benefit from an online library with academic partners. The international teaching team includes more than 40 professors and industry professionals. All students benefit from speakers who exemplify excellence in their professions.

Big Job and Training Event

Job seekers, employers, as well as those looking for training, career advice or courses to follow are invited to the Career and Learning Lounge. It will be held at the Caudan Center for the Arts on September 2 and 3, 2022 from 10 am to 6 pm. It will gather more than twenty exhibitors. free entry.

Organized by Le Défi Media Group, the DEFIDIGITAL concept also aims to be a platform for listening and participating in conferences. Topics to be covered relate to the demands of tomorrow’s professions, digital impact, the global economy, opportunities for Africa, inclusion of people with disabilities in other organizations and workshops.

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