Freelancer: What about matchmaking companies in Morocco?

Independent status is no longer exceptional in Morocco. But the health crisis caused by Covid-19 made it possible to determine the economic vulnerability of these people. The lack of social safety nets does not allow them to thrive in a calm and sustainable way. Some companies continue to respond, others remove them from the list of providers in refusing to outsource.

The question is how do independent directors manage. Once the process has started, using a standalone compiler becomes an interesting compromise. Because in general, a person sells experience and the work is likely to be carried out in the most optimal way. However, certain conditions must be met for the independent expert relationship between the firm to be viable. Already he should not be considered by the general management of the company as an employee. There is no form of hierarchical association between the independent person and the company. This will keep motivating him until the work is delivered on time and meets expectations. For this, the first point is to define exactly its task. Bonding structures are common in France.

In Morocco, the service does not exist yet. In France, the framework is more suitable for the development of the situation. Catherine Brennan, COO of People4Impact, a company that puts freelancers in touch with one another in sustainable development, rightly explains in du net magazine that “these resources should come with a business plan, attention to the bottom line, intermediate stages and outputs, on the To be clear in the calendar, the periods in which he works on the project. ” For Gaëlle Fréchant, Director of Display and Education for the Unow Training Platform, which operates mostly 150 independent experts, who are responsible for developing and conducting the training, adds on the same media that it is necessary to “clearly explain what their work is about. It will be evaluated., what they can gain from Working with us: the impact of their activity, winning other contracts, professional training. ”

The purpose of corporate matchmaking companies is not only to quickly identify the right person for a particular task but also to promote the integration of that person into the permanent teams. This step is important because it allows presenting, in addition to the mission, the company, its culture, values ​​and activity. Only in this way the expert becomes aware of all the parameters present and the different channels … He will also be able to put himself in the production chain and measure the impact of any delay on his part. The parties will also have to agree on the tools needed to carry out the mission. On another level, it is important to simplify communication between independent experts and employees to facilitate interactions between them.

The exchange of information promotes respect between the two parties and enhances the work of each other. Obviously, the interviewer with the freelancer must take into account his limitations, expectations, and ideas… Management is essential especially for companies that systematically call freelancers. This justifies the establishment of matchmaking companies in countries where this business is developing in an orderly manner. Their role is to activate the network of freelancers. “At Unow, for example, there is someone leading the expert community to embark on a business project,” we learn in Journal Du Net (JNT). His role will be to organize events such as webinars for events, particularly webinars between freelancers and company managers. “At So Local, a digital marketing firm, team managers, coached throughout the duration of the project, activate the self-employed, and are integrated into teams in the same way as employees,” we read on newspaper columns from the network. In short, experts now rule as a society in the world.

The involvement of the HR department also limits the smooth running of the process. Morocco will gain everything from absorbing external practices because the logic lies in developing independent work. Finally, the loyalty of freelancers matters because when experts stand out for their professionalism and sense of meeting deadlines, it is about keeping them precious. The issues are clear. The freelancer will also cost less because he knows there are other tasks ahead of him. The company has a valid point.

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