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What is business data?

Company data is data related to the company. They can be used for management, marketing and communication tasks in the company. Company data can include team information, department experience, resources, company history, and other relevant information.

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limited offer. 2 months for 1 euro without commitment is a French start-up that specializes in publishing legal data for companies. Thanks to the richness of its database, it provides quick access to legal information for more than 10 million companies and managers spread throughout the French territory. Promoting the free circulation of the financial and legal data of companies is the goal that this French company has set for itself.

LegalTech gives you access to a lot of information for free: registered trademarks, business agreements, Siren/Siret, information on company directors, insolvency proceedings, Kbis extract, balance sheet and annual accounts, financial information, AG minutes, laws, etc. . Valuable and essential information for many professionals.

In this digital tool you will find a set of data from INPI, INSEE, the government platform or even Bodacc. Anyone looking for reliable business information can access it with just one click. is revolutionizing open data, removing the legal process for companies and automating the tasks that could be.

Docubiz’s digital reach is impressive, and so is its functionality. Some of them even have no equal in the world of technology. The interface of is very intuitive and easy to use. It loads very quickly and is compatible with mobile device platforms, such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, registration is free and takes seconds.

What is open data?

Open data is the publication of government or corporate data in an open form. This means that the data is freely available to all and can be used, copied, distributed, modified and reused for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Open data is generally royalty-free. Open data aims at transparency of the country by making it easier for all citizens to view public data, regardless of their place of residence. This data also gives companies access to new strategic and market information.

It represents a valuable source of information, both for businesses and for the business, legal and accounting professions. That is why provides millions of documents that can be accessed in a few moments.

Before committing to sign a contract with the client company, it is necessary to find out its financial position and degree of solvency. Thanks to the open data of this new digital platform, it will take you more than a few minutes to access its information.

Special offer and additional services

The new startup offers a special offer dedicated to professionals who want to take advantage of unlimited access to open data for French companies. For 49.90 euros per month, they can download up to 5 KB and get a hundred details of business leaders.

Its price makes it a preferred option compared to other players in the industry, who generally use a fee-for-service bill. In addition, a trial period of 48 hours is offered for 1.90 euros so that you can judge the quality of the service before subscribing.

Thanks to their subscription that can be canceled at any time, users have unlimited access to VAT numbers, siren notifications, balance sheets and even benefit from five financial analytics. plans to move forward more quickly by expanding its offer with a monitoring system to be informed in real time of major legal changes in the companies being monitored.

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For tracking analysis and decoding wherever you are

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Download the app states that it is no longer necessary to have a large budget to keep essential information. Its huge database can be used by any company, regardless of size or budget. Access to legal information is now available to everyone with just a few clicks.


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