FedCom acquires Euroleague and Eurocup rights to France and Monaco

After an uproar at the end of the season on L’Equipe, which followed the Monaco qualifiers, she is about to be invited to the Final Four (defeat in the fifth match of the quarter-finals at Olympiacos). ), Euroleague has found a new broadcaster. This is closely related to the Monegasque Club, as it is its main sponsor, to which it also became the majority shareholder in January 2022, FedCom.

Alexig Fedorskyff Association

the historical partner of ASM football (which left in 2021), switched to basketball in 2019 by appearing on the shirt of the Roca team, which also became a sponsor of the Euroleague, and has signed, according to our information, a deal granting it the rights to the Queen’s competition, the Euroleague, So are the rights of her little sister, Eurocoupe, which Monaco won in 2021, to French territory and Monaco.

digital publishing platform

If the features of the partnership – duration, amount of rights – are not liquidated at the moment, the new owners intend to create a digital platform as a premium means of distribution. Every match from Monaco and Asvel, representing Betclic Elite in the Euroleague, will benefit, at least at home, from a platform in terms of production, with pre- and post-match groups, as well as two physical commentators present at each meeting.

FedCom will work with IMG, an American giant in the field of marketing, production and sales of rights, associated with Euroleague since 2015, for the practical implementation of its project, which at the moment is not known whether it will also find a parallel channel on traditional TV channels, on Monaco Info in particular, has been a broadcaster in the emirate for the past season.

After the Euroleague, LNB?

But FedCom and its chairman Aleksej Fedoriscev (also head of the Principality Club), who are hoping to win licensing as a permanent member of the Euroleague as soon as possible, don’t seem to want to stop there. Several concurring sources claim that it was also possible to bid for the rights to the French championship. Case still pending. Satisfied with its association with beIN Sports, its premium broadcaster since last December, LNB is also discussing an extension with the channel – while undoubtedly hoping to continue its collaboration with Sport in France, and France Télévisions for some posters at a regional level.

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