Eckinox contributes to the digital transformation of small and medium businesses

Eckinox, a digital agency based in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, is making a promise to digitally equip SMEs to increase their efficiency. It is also the first company in the region to offer a digital needs assessment service with the support of the federal government.

The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (PCAN) is aimed at small and medium businesses that want to make the transition to digital. As part of this program, the Eckinox team performs a full needs inventory to develop recommendations in line with the company’s realities. Government financial assistance makes it possible to reimburse 90% of the costs related to this analysis, up to a maximum of $15,000.

“In the digital space, as in any field, you must first analyze and plan before starting the transformation business. Matthew Dallaire, Director of Business Development at Eckinox, explains that it is a very humane approach, and requires researching the source of the company’s problems to target the best solutions.

When we talk about digital transformation for small and medium businesses, the first instinct is often to think about creating a website or implementing strategies on social networks. But the digital figure includes much more than that. In fact, technologies can help improve all company operations: communication channels, project management and human resources, accounting, day-to-day operations, transportation, etc.

Guaranteed ROI

Eckinox offers various services in the field of digital creation (website design, graphic design, digital marketing strategies, etc.) as well as in software development. Thus, in addition to having the expertise to diagnose the digital needs of SMEs, they are able to design software that will improve their operations.

For example, one of the company’s tasks led to the automation of an entire department of a customer, thereby solving the problem of human resources.

Another analysis of the building materials plant needs was concluded with the integration of a material delivery control unit. This technological unit now allows the plant to avoid losses and omissions, reducing wastage of time (and money).

Elsewhere, in a store this time, moving inventory data to the cloud (“the cloud”) and developing a QR-code tablet app made it possible to improve inventory management while eliminating paper use.

Moreover, in addition to reducing the various operating costs of the company, implementing a structured digital transformation strategy allows SMEs to focus on human potential, creativity and innovation.

“For many entrepreneurs, digital transformation is seen as a huge project that has often already begun without us really realizing it. It is time to fully realize that and commit to that transition. And we are here to help you through the process!” concludes Mathieu Dallaire.

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