Belinda tops nets with a new look, mini skirt and net socks

Belinda He never ceased to amaze his followers with it Transformation Which he tested in his new projects, although it was the most recent in Mini skirt with keys galaxy And won bright colors rain flattery To see him with pink hair.

after breaking up with Noda ChristianLast February, the singer chose to stay in Spain and focus on new projects that brought her back to her performance. Although he did not avoid being the target of rumors of alleged rumors as actor Jared Leto who was with him on the ride. Italia During the summer, but they have been friendship for more than 10 years.

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The 33-year-old singer was praised on social media for her radical change in her appearance, as she wore her hair in a pixie cut and in pink, in addition to her makeup that revealed her natural beauty. In addition to a series of fairly trendy fashions in the 2000s, such as the white sunglasses worn by other celebrities such as Danna Paola.

Belinda in a green mini skirt. Photo: Instagram @belindapop

Although Belinda was wearing a jumpsuit in bright pink, purple, blue and hints of yellow, it was the skirt futuristic style In light green with a sparkle in blue that was accompanied fishnet socks who bragged about sculptural shape. In addition, she wore an off-the-shoulder blouse at the neckline level which gave her a special sensual touch to the singer.

Belinda look

Belinda’s new look is part of her look in skin review In which he showed a more relaxed and “rebellious” side away from romantic style Which he has for several years, which shows him cleverness And the ability to impose fashion.

The appearance of pesar del Impactante atuendo y el nuevo, no ser blanco de polémica pues algunos internautas recordaron el cambio de color de cabello who realized the translator of “Botella tras botella” y por el cual tuvo un fuerte pleito con J Balvin a través de social networks.

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Some of the more daring users have compared Belinda to the new girlfriend of the Mexican regional singer, Kazuowho sported a similar look with a pixie cut, albeit in red, which is part of her image.

Belinda wears a revealing black suit. Photo: IG @belindapop

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Belinda Chills Nets With A New Look, Mini Skirt And Mesh Socks | Photo
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Belinda Chills Nets With A New Look, Mini Skirt And Mesh Socks | Photo
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Belinda Chills Nets With A New Look, Mini Skirt And Mesh Socks | Photo
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