The importance of integrating the consumer into the creative process

To stand out from the competition and secure a strong position, you must think differently, be strategic and creative. Design thinking gives you the ability to…

Unlike traditional marketing strategies that consist of designing a product, selling it, and monitoring whether or not it meets its customers, Design Thinking integrates the customer into the product creation process. How ? By paying attention to his needs, desires and problems, so that he can offer a coherent and personal experience, which on the one hand will be a source of loyalty and on the other hand will strengthen you. competitive advantage.

Today, the opportunity for design thinking has never been greater with the proliferation of data and the unprecedented ability to test, learn, and get real customer feedback quickly.

But very few marketers are aware of this opportunity and seize it. why is that ? Because it’s hard to know where to start: the necessary data is fragmented and hard to integrate. In addition, experiencing customers and listening to their feedback is beyond the purview of traditional marketers. Oftentimes, marketing is associated with one-way communication. As a result, the essential process of truly understanding potential customers, customers and the buying journey is missed, and the opportunity to build lasting emotional relationships with them is missed.

So, tip: get out of the box, get closer to reality and get out of the game.

Design thinking as a solution

“Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that uses the sensitivity, tools, and methods of designers to enable multidisciplinary teams to innovate by matching user expectations, technological feasibility, and economic feasibility.” Tim Brown, President and CEO of IDEO.

With this approach, you focus on understanding consumer needs throughout the customer journey (or through the sales funnel). A way to consistently deliver positive experiences based on a deep understanding of customers.

good news :

It’s possible. With the technologies developed to date, the data requires only a light integration to support design thinking.

It is applicable. Business success is key because you increase customer value.

desired. By meeting consumers’ needs, by identifying what matters to them, you maintain a relationship that promotes loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Make Design Thinking a reality for your business

Who are you improving the experience for? The first step, understanding the needs and behaviors of your customers and finding commonalities. From this, you can easily validate the character and position yourself.

What do your customers want to achieve? This is an essential stage of innovation because it focuses on finding solutions to your personality’s problems, needs, and wants. You are building your value proposition.

Where does the experience begin and end? Map the customer journey and identify moments of truth. It is the interactions with your products and services that will create or destroy the most value for your customers, and allow you to discover true innovations from incremental product or service improvements.

How will you present this experience? At this point, you can begin to identify the data, technical requirements, metric requirements, and estimate the cost and benefit of your innovation.

What will you do and when? To answer this question, prioritize and define benefits, test, measure, and improve your innovations.

Benefits of design thinking

Helps with creative challenges : This approach allows you to look at an existing problem from a completely different angle and get creative. The brainstorming stage is necessary to formulate new ideas. This collaborative creative approach maximizes different ideas and perspectives, and fosters innovation.

Helps to respond effectively to customer requirements : Design thinking that includes prototyping, all products in the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) stage will undergo a series of tests and customer feedback to ensure guaranteed quality. By adopting a design thinking approach, you will definitely meet the expectations of clients as they will be directly involved in the design and development process.

Develop your knowledge : The design process goes through several evaluations. This process never stops, even after the delivery is complete. Regularly measure the results based on the feedback received, and ensure that the customer has the best experience using the product. By involving yourself in such a process, you are constantly improving the understanding of your customers and thus, you can understand certain aspects such as what tools to use or even how to fill in weak gaps in the output.

Adopting a Design Thinking approach means placing innovation at the heart of your strategy by developing an empathy-based approach, ensuring the encounter between the client and your project.

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