More Metavers Coming to Fortnite

Radio Leviathan iHeartMedia launches its dedicated space in fortnite To host events and concerts. The virtual park, dubbed the hateful iHeartLand, is developed using the game’s creative mode and will feature several different areas.

The park includes a main theater called State Farm Park (along with the State Farm Insurance Company, you guessed it), mini-games, and a digital “headquarters” for iHeartMedia. Mini-games may change as the park develops, but the few that will be featured on launch day will include a car race, an obstacle course, and a building game.

The headquarters itself includes a virtual broadcast recording studio and a replica of the tunnel seen at iHeart’s real headquarters in New York. There is no mention of what the recording studio will be used for, but perhaps the iHeartMedia presenters will move into the digital space to record comments on the event.


The State Farm Park stage includes a giant screen for watching shows, a red carpet where you can take selfies, and a park with vendors selling virtual vibes and fireworks in exchange for gold (which you earn by playing mini-games). The gold coin is unique to iHeartLand, but it is unclear if the Emotions are exclusive or available elsewhere in the world. fortnite.

It should also be noted that although fortnite Creative Mode is used to build iHeartLand, an independently created experience that is not sponsored, endorsed, or operated by Epic Games.

Twenty virtual world events are currently scheduled over the next 12 months, the first of which will be a pre-recorded show by Charlie Puth, which will air on September 9. The concert will feature new music from Puth’s upcoming album, and players can win the gold medal by participating in a quest game hosted by Puth. A separate album release party will also be shown at iHeartLand on October 7.

Charlie Puth pre-recorded the party, so don’t expect a live show.
Photo by Gilbert Carracciello / GC Photos

An important distinction from other virtual concerts, such as performances by artists such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott at fortnite, is that Puth will not appear as a digital avatar. Instead, the show was pre-recorded for a 2D inspection on the State Farm Park stage.

iHeartLand is part of the media giant’s investment in Web3 and operates as an effort to market itself to younger audiences. We have seen a number of successful marketing businesses in recent years using fortnite As a converged entertainment platform, featuring Ariana Grande’s platform fortnite The event was attended by 27.7 million unique users and 12.3 million concurrent access players.

These stats might excite the iHeartMedia marketing team, but most of the notable Metaverse shows featured big names offering high profile shows with default avatars. The obvious question here is, will the youth market be much interested in watching a pre-recorded concert at iHeartLand?

iHeartMedia and State Farm seem ready to adapt if the current iteration of iHeartLand fails. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter “iHeartLand and State Farm Park can scale in a different and exciting way” based on what players “like and don’t like,” said Gail Truberman, chief marketing officer of iHeartMedia.

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