The florist puts the key under the door: “I am a wounded merchant”

Geraldine has no choice but to close the shop in Minivale. This florist in the Leclerc de Menneval shopping center has not recovered from three years of difficulties linked to the Covid-19 health crisis. © Francois Lefebvre

Geraldine has no choice but to close the store in minival (ori) this is Florist from the shopping center Leclerc . Center Has not recovered from three years of difficulties associated with the health crisis in COVID-19.

“Closely in throat and heart, with a mixture of weariness and revolution I declare the gates of Floral Ambiance closed.”

Geraldine, Minneval Merchant

The situation was undesirable and suffered, Geraldine outlined in a letter to her clients addressed to the newspaper’s editorial board.Norman Awakening. in September 2022, Judicial liquidation must be by judgment of the Commercial Court. “I was supposed to come in July, but they’re overwhelmed with files,” the merchant says. Tired, but standing, the latter takes the blow with dignity. “I will take a step back, and try to realize what is happening to me.”

“I had the strength to stand up”

With passion, this fighter elicits personal and professional repercussions, “rather deep scars, forever.” Despite the comforting customer support and support of Leclerc Center management, [la Covid-19 a mis à plat] my life plan. » Installed since December 11, 2020 in her shop in the shopping center, Geraldine previously ran a store Albert Paris StreetIn the downtown Bernay. The store owner, a florist since 2007, had bet on a new site with more traffic. She had bad luck. Three months after moving to minival, forced to close. In February 2020, an order was issued by the prefecture to close businesses located in centers of more than 20,000 square meters. So the florist is forced to sell online. Loss of inventory, interruption of events, administrative difficulties … the list of pitfalls is long.

“I had the strength to stand up […] I just worked and worked, six days a week, 70 hours a week. »

Geraldine, Minneval Merchant

All good intentions of Geraldine were not enough, the economic situation improved the cash flow of her company. “We no longer have a vision,” Geraldine says.

changing trade

In fact, trade is changing. The rules that were generally accepted no longer apply. TheBernay’s assistant The former merchant Gerard Lemercier We already referred to this situation in our columns last June. “It doesn’t make sense, you have a good day and two bad days, good weather or not,” he analyzed. In question, new ways of consuming an Internet gadget that have significantly changed the situation. Many sectors account for a large portion of the online trading volume. And the trend is accelerating.

Geraldine, expresses confidence that she does not feel comfortable with this development. Reluctantly, I worked with the Internet. “It’s been a lot of time and the results are not worth the investment. Selling online is actually a shift that requires new skills and marketing thinking to target customers. I love proximity and human connection,” Geraldine counters.

Thank you so much

Inventory must be disposed of before the activity ceases. “A big thank you to my clients, friends, family and accountant, not to mention the management of Leclerc Center. Everyone encouraged me during these ordeals.”

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