Senior Expert (Co-chair) in Marketing Communication | fizz

Job Description

Reporting to Lead Marketing, Communication and Partnerships, the incumbent is responsible for the entire Fizz Brand strategy across all traditional and digital platforms to achieve the strategic goals of visibility, insight, and conversion.

The incumbent therefore directs and directs the deployment of all brand communication strategies, social media or field activations in order to bring to life our values ​​and advantages.

The incumbent acts as an expert advisor to senior management at Fizz, Videotron and Quebecor for all matters relating to Fizz’s strategic positioning in the Canadian telecoms market.

Main responsibilities:

  • Acts as a coach and motivator for the entire communication group (brand, content, MS, activation, sponsorship).
  • Builds the entire brand strategy and ensures flawless and consistent dissemination across all touch points.
  • He brings the essence of our brand to life and develops strategies that aim to uniquely differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
  • Ensures that our strategies impact our goals and that our campaign KPIs are aligned with Fizz’s grand strategic vision.
  • He brings Fizz’s “Brand Purpose” to life through our implementations so that the brand takes meaningful meaning for the purpose.
  • Manages the entire relationship with our partner agencies and ensures their full performance and compliance.
  • Manages and continually improves all budgets while empowering its employees.
  • Ensures the development of brand partnerships by aligning with the digital acquisition strategy.
  • Sets goals and tracks content-related KPIs to adjust and maximize budget and performance.
  • He made recommendations to the CEO and Vice President, and constantly challenged our ways of doing things to maximize performance and our profitability.
  • Work closely with the digital team to build 360 campaigns aligned with our goals.
  • Keeping abreast of best practices and constantly exploring new methods.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Partnership Management or Brand Management.
  • He has ten years of experience in communications and brand partnerships.
  • Fluency in English and French, orally and in writing.
  • Great ability to motivate and inspire the team.
  • They have experience in identifying target audiences and creating campaigns that build loyalty, educate and motivate.
  • The ability to build viable partnerships generates high transformative potential.
  • Be familiar with digital marketing strategies (eg: integrated marketing campaigns).
  • An editorial mind with the ability to predict audience preferences in order to build rapport with customers based on brand values.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills.
  • Being creative with the ability to think outside the box.
  • You have an unusual curiosity for technology or development in the social networking aspect.

More information

Fizz’s DNA is defined by its mojo. It is the foundation of everything and defines our life skills, and thus serves as a daily guide to help us stay on the right track. They are the driving force behind everything we do as a brand, but also as members of the Fizz community.

1. Unity is Strength: The goals we set can only be achieved if we work together. And together, we go further.

2. It’s up to you: Initiative is encouraged and our environment allows everyone to reach their full potential to contribute to Fizz’s common goals.

3. Try, Learn, Improve, Celebrate: We welcome challenges with open arms. Challenging the status quo and improving and adapting quickly is critical to us. Just like celebrating our successes.

4. Think differently: At Fizz, we do things differently. We break down paradigms to bring the customer and product experience even further.

What’s Next?

Away from a biography, we are primarily looking for a person to connect with and connect with us. In this sense, if we have the impression that you have a job profile, we will contact you to discuss it in person. Then, we’ll see next steps with you to get to know you better and validate your team chemistry.

We thank in advance all candidates who apply. Diversity is an essential practice in our hiring process. Thus, we uphold the principle of equal employment and provide equal employment opportunities to all.

The person holding this position must comply with all company policies.

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