Rocket Apple launches global “Back to School” campaign

Rockit Global, a small and innovative apple company, is preparing to go back to school with millions of consumers in its most global campaign yet. This campaign is based on a ready-made campaign. Designation. Rockit, resulting in a 21% jump in sales volumes in global markets between 2021 and 2022.

From the Middle East to Southeast Asia to the United States, Rocket brings families a dose of natural energy, vitamin C and fiber to help them get back to school, work or in their spare time.

Ziad Shawwa, Rocket’s Middle East market director, says Rocket – which is sold in 30 countries globally – is in the midst of a strong growth curve in the Middle East. Sales volume for the entire region has increased by 36% and in Saudi Arabia alone, sales have seen a significant increase of 140% between 2021 and 2022.

“The momentum given by a very attractive ready campaign. Set. rock it. This growth is expected to continue, attracting millions of new Rockit consumers during the peak back-to-school sales period. Rockit will have a strong presence in stores with dynamic, playful point of sale and targeted tasting moments. – Safe for Covid – to establish a connection with the Rockit brand and stimulate consumer demand,” says Ziad.

The store launch will be supported by new gift boxes containing five Rockit Packs – perfect for weekdays – and extensive digital activity with a strong social media presence, online promotions and contests.

Annabelle Hall, Director of Rockit Global Digital, says Rockit is an apple brand that thinks and acts differently, which is fundamental to its growing global success.

“As part of its first campaign, Rockit is running an electronic sampling promotion where 6,000 Rockit samples will be included in online deliveries from our retailer, MAF Carrefour. We have an 86% conversion rate from experience to repeat purchase, so this is a new and innovative approach. To bring Rockit to more consumers to increase sales.

“For the first time, we are also linking the campaign point of sale to a digital activity through a competition – with a dedicated microsite – with the aim of increasing repeat purchases,” she explains.

Rockit consumers can upload their receipt for a chance to win one of 20 prizes, including FitBits, backpacks or skateboards. Rocket’s leading retailers in the Middle East run the contest for the duration of the campaign (from August 19 to September 21).

Ziad concludes, “We have worked hard to improve this high consumption period, and put in place a groundbreaking marketing campaign that supports our ambition to be the world’s most recognized apple brand.” “This is just another step in Rockit’s journey to share 400 million of our delicious, nutritious snack-size apples with the world by 2025.”

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