Morning after vacation: not as crooked as it seems

Behind these crazy demands is a basic need that must be met in order to retain employees. (Photo: Sander Sami for Unsplash)

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Reveal Mattin. Post vacation, sleep quality analysis, post breakup vacation or mindfulness workshop… Behind his sudden demands is the growing need for employees to reconcile work and their lifestyle.

In fact, at least 23%, 21%, and 17% of 1,230 Americans surveyed by Trusaic indicated that these benefits would be part of their claim in an ideal world.

The list also includes compensation for hair coloring for those over 30, a day off from social media, as well as paid time off for sports fans the day after their crushing defeat at the hands of their favorite team.

Bien qu’elles puissent sembler farfelues, ces requêtes ne sont pas si loin de la réalité, ayant toutes été entendues ou vues sur le marché de l’emploi, précise Matt Gotchy, vice-président rep principal marketing de iel’ent HR.

“We were surprised that such a large percentage of Americans would encourage presidents to give them leave of absence to mourn the death of one of their houseplants (5%), but not because it was more common in the home. The idea that such These benefits must be implemented […] It doesn’t seem unlikely anymore.”

In Quebec, too, employers show imagination in attracting and retaining their workers.

“I’ve accompanied a client whose employees requested an extension of family leave application coverage to include their pet, or an employee who wanted to be recognized as a caregiver for her spouse,” says management consultant, human resources, Catherine Rio.

However, what the study also highlights, Matt Gucci asserts, is that for at least 43% of those surveyed, none of these unusual offerings piqued their interest.

While extravagant perks can be a way to attract and retain talent, […] There is a lot of evidence to prove that fair and equitable wages can be more effective.

Catherine Rio of the same opinion: “Yes, we have to be creative, but this is not enough. First of all, you must have a fair and equitable salary, and give employees a sense of independence, belonging and competence.”

Leave requests, which may seem crazy at first glance, are, in her opinion, an expression of the workforce’s need for independence.

“They give a perception of choice in our work environment. […] Now people want to have fun, not just juggle family life. This is new,” Few of the Certified HR Consultants.

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