Connected Retail by Zalando touring Europe

This summer, Connected Retail, Zalando’s digital solution that allows physical stores to serve customers on the Zalando platform, will tour some of Europe’s largest capitals.

With events and trade shows in full swing, Connected Retail is teaming up with Volkswagen to transform two new Volkswagen Multivan hybrids into immersive mobile showrooms, complete with interactive plasma screens, to meet in person with shopkeepers and industry experts across Europe.

The interactive tourWhich launched in Switzerland and Italy last June, will cross 10 markets and more than 15 cities, including Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, to demonstrate Connected Retail’s ability to combine physical and digital right at the doors of stores. Before crossing France, the truck will stop in Paris at Who’s Next from September 2-5. An ideal opportunity to meet the team and learn more about the Connected Retail offering in the outdoor lounge area, or on stand P89 in Hall 1.

Karsten Keeler, Direct Vice President Consumer at Zalando and Managing Director of Connected Retail explains: “Through Connected Retail, we are giving stores the ability to sell to millions of Zalando customers. We are excited to make connected retail at the heart of our partners’ businesses, through our partnership with Volkswagen Vehicles This partnership allows us to further localize our efforts and meet our partners wherever they are: in and around their store.”

Connected Retail Tour

Inside the Volkswagen New Multivan Connected Retail, an interactive experience for fashion, footwear, accessories and sportswear retailers will show how the combination of physical and digital environments can offer new possibilities for growth.

With nearly 7,000 active stores sold through Connected Retail, the traveling show will bring the benefits of digitization to a physical store. The Connected Retail team will explain how to connect your physical store to the Zalando platform and show you how to grow your business by reaching new audiences.

Connected Retail gives retailers the ability to increase their online visibility by reaching millions of Zalando customers with minimal risk while enjoying a seamless omnichannel experience. The icing on the cake is complete control of your inventory and pricing. Join the team for the tour Online retail Learn how to grow your customer base and increase your profits by connecting your physical store to the Zalando digital platform.

Volkswagen’s new commercial utility vehicles are ideal for presenting a full range of connected retail display and for organizing physical meetings directly at local stores. In addition, the Connected Retail team will also be present with Volkswagen’s new Multivan at major fashion shows in Europe, including Premium in Berlin, Who’s Next in Paris and Modefabriek in Amsterdam, to promote the benefits of membership in the Connected Retail community.

This initiative also represents a B2B partnership between Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Zalando Connected Retail, highlighting the versatility and flexibility of new Volkswagen hybrid SUVs and their potential to be transformed into interactive showrooms for the professional audience.

Stefan Pfeiffer, Marketing Director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles adds: “We are delighted to be able to take another step into the digital future of our industries with Connected Retail by Zalando. As Ambassadors for Tomorrow’s Mobility, this partnership demonstrates that we are actively shaping the future of mobility. This collaboration allows us to expand our commitment in the B2B sector. »

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