We are elsewhere with Aire commune center-ville and Hamak

The common area in the city center told the agency Hamak Digital Marketing Achieving a media and creative strategy aimed at promoting its summer activities and facilities.

crap Has authorization to announce new offers fromcommon area, increasing brand awareness, generating qualified traffic to its website and visits to its facilities. The project was made possible thanks to the financial support of Strategic Tourism Asset Maintenance Fund From Montreal Tourismwith a financial contribution from Quebec government.

common area It has made its mission to revive downtown Montreal and make it a preferred destination for business vacations by offering packages work, summer islands for work abroad, free meeting rooms and opportunities to meet at organized events. packet work It is a specially designed formula including accommodation and workplaces for young professionals from all over Quebec, who want to combine business and pleasure to fully enjoy summer.

Teamcrap He built a media strategy on several fronts to target young professionals potentially interested in offeringcommon area Through a campaign that was published on social media and the network Show Google as well as the Google Ad Grants campaign on the web giant’s search networks. Through various designs, banners and videos, the campaign weaves a story around the facilitiescommon area. The influence campaign on Tiktok and Instagram was launched in parallel in order to invite some influencers to try the combinations to promote it to their audience.

The agency took care of recording the vision embodied on the video common area, that work differently. Two heroes plunge us into their adventures in Montreal as they travel from boardrooms to summer islands before ending the day with happy hour with a detour to the canteen.common area.

The videos are meant to be summery and light-hearted, combining photos and videos to reconstruct what could be a holiday movie. some shots cheerful And it swings gradually in editing to support the idea that fixtures are not only a workplace, but also a luxury space to enjoy the sun and the pleasures of life.

California 2
California 3

Agency: crap
Account Manager and Media Strategist: Audrey Dre
Content Strategist and Technical Director: Juliette Marzano
Campaign Manager: Sebastian Ferran
Videographer: Robin Fox
Photographer: Beatrice Miner Barrett
male model: Christopher Bowdoin
female model: Carol Ann Tremblay
special thanks: The Aire commune center-ville and Îlots d’été network are made possible thanks to the financial support of the Montreal Tourism Strategic Asset Maintenance Fund, with financial participation from the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec. The project was also made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Department of Economic Development of the City of Montreal, the town of Ville Marie, Fez, Place Ville Marie and the Desjardins group.

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