Houston Texans NFL Team Will Accept Bitcoin for Sequences

People planning to attend the Houston Texans Games will now be able to purchase unique gaming suites with Bitcoin
. BitWallet, a private entity will then convert Bitcoin into a team legal order.

BitWallet has become the team’s official partner as a cryptocurrency wallet to help drive entertainment sales. Since the last announcement, Texas has already sold a supplement via Crypto to a digital marketing company, EWR Digital.


“We are proud to partner with BitWallet to provide an exciting option for our fans to enjoy a game of Texas in one of our booths,” said Houston Texans President Greg Grissom. “BitWallet is an ideal collaborator as we continue our efforts to advance our organization in new and innovative ways.”

BitWallet allows you not only to buy Bitcoin but also to send it anywhere in the world.

“Digital currency has become an essential form of payment, and by partnering with BitWallet, Texas is leading the way in the NFL,” said John Peroni, CEO of BitWallet. “I am honored that BitWallet was the first to offer this service to Texas fans.”

The Tennessee Titans is another team that has also announced that Bitcoin can be used for purchases through their unique partnership.

To get some ideas, I spoke to Colin Yurcisin, founder of Leveraged Lifestyle, Leveraged Mining, and Leveraged Investments. Leveraged Mining, a new Yurcisin project, created to help spread bitcoin. His dream is to help 10,000 people mine bitcoin using his company’s hands-free operating model.

With his own experience and focus on bitcoin mining, Yurcisin had a unique perspective when it came to Texas adoption.

key quote

“This opens up a range of possibilities for how Bitcoin can be linked and anchored in mainstream society.” He said.

“The NFL is one of the biggest sports leagues in the world, and now that more and more teams are opening up to use cryptocurrency to pay customers, you are likely to see a snowball effect in many other places. Transactions are also less risky (at least for teams) Because the final currency is always fiat.

Yurcisin wants to make bitcoin mining simple for the average person, so there is an incentive to adopt the cryptocurrency carrier through popular entertainment items.

Yurchisen added: “The best part of our job is that we use industrial energy at incredibly cheap rates, building immersion cooling systems that are our biggest competitive advantage over other mining companies.

He continued, “immersion cooling is the most efficient method for bitcoin mining, the reason being that you have to remove the fan from the miner, which is the biggest point of failure, and then dip the miners into immersion cooling liquid that allows them to work in their most efficient state.

“We also charge all of our costs up front on our mining packages with our customers, so there is no risk that we will have to shut down our rigs because we are not profitable. We charge the miner, electricity and maintenance up front so we have the money to buy our equipment, invest in infrastructure, Pay the staff, and make sure we are able to deliver the TH/S amount the client paid during the four years of the contract.”

The company’s mission to make mining accessible to all is a potential precursor to creating industry and societal influence to make money easier to use everywhere.

Yurchisen concluded, “Most miners are shutting down their hardware at the moment and selling bitcoin during a bear market and we are doing the opposite. We are building to be the best, and teams like the Houston Texans are seeing the growing understanding of the market changing.”

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