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With more than 2 billion users worldwide, including Instagram users, Facebook provides you with a large audience allowing you to enhance your online presence. Marketers have understood this well, because more than 93% of them are on Facebook. But do you know how to set up an acquisition strategy on Facebook ads to improve your visibility and grow your business by boosting your posts?

Don’t miss your acquisition strategy with Facebook ads

More than 5 million companies use Facebook ads as a way to gain traffic. This tool is also essential in the context of digitizing your company, as it allows you to stand out from your competitors provided you develop the right strategy.

A good acquisition strategy makes it possible to target new prospects to convert them into customers. Therefore, you must determine the best approach to apply to improve your visibility and develop your business by promoting your publications.

The platform also has a powerful algorithm that allows it to choose the right content for each user. Over time, you can adapt your acquisition strategy in relation to your marketing goals or potential customer expectations. In any case, the acquisition strategy is implemented in several stages to ensure better efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Define the goal of your advertising campaigns

Given the wide variety of audiences on Facebook, define your target audience beforehand. Consider various parameters such as demographics, location, and languages ​​used. You can also improve targeting by adding other criteria:

  • training courses taken by users;
  • their professional activities;
  • their income
  • their areas of interest.

It is also possible to obtain behavioral data for personal targeting. Facebook collects important personal data about its users on a daily basis.

Thus you can get from Facebook the maximum information about the targeted profiles, since the algorithm performs a comprehensive analysis of all users.

Choose the right audience for your campaigns

When creating an acquisition strategy with Facebook ads, select the best type of audience. This depends on the goals you want to achieve.

Main audiences

Core audiences help you grab the attention of consumers. You mainly work on the reach of your advertising campaigns to highlight your activity. The goal here is to spark their curiosity and get them to check out your website and pages on social media. The discovery phase will lead them to get more involved, because you are definitely providing solutions to their problem.

Similar audiences

To target new horizons, use Lookalike Audiences. You decide which user profiles to target based on the profiles of existing customers. Whether you have 100, 1000 or more, they have common characteristics that allow you to target potential customers who will be most responsive to your advertising campaigns. Keep in mind that Facebook ads are really poorly intended advertising. Users see an ad that appears in their News Feed when they really care.

Custom Audiences

You can also launch custom audiences through retargeting campaigns. These relate to people who have already interacted with you, particularly those who have previously visited your web pages. While more than 70% of your visitors usually leave the website without buying anything, you need to adopt a strategy to get them back in order to convert them into customers. Consider, for example, sending them additional content with compelling arguments.

Adopt an effective communication strategy

With Facebook Ads, you have a variety of placements. If your advertising messages can appear in the news feed of your target users, then stories also give you good visibility. Additionally, you can work on campaigns targeting Instagram users.

Posted messages vary

In Facebook Ads, you can choose from different formats of advertising messages: images, videos, or even sponsored links. Diversify your campaigns so you don’t tire your users. Also use valid marketing arguments such as:

  • strengths of your services or products;
  • A show not to be missed;
  • Offer valid limited time by creating the effect of urgency with consumers.

You can renew all these methods over time just by changing the date or any other useful information.

Optimizing the engagement of your marketing campaigns

When defining your Facebook Ads acquisition strategy, remember that Facebook is a social exchange platform. When developing a marketing campaign with Facebook ads, consider the possibility of creating an oil slick, i.e. having users pass on your posts to members of their community. It could be a missed opportunity or the last article you published on the Internet. Whatever the case, always make sure that your content adds value to the audiences you are targeting.

Prioritize the most qualified profiles

At this point, focus on visitors who already have a high level of engagement, i.e. people who have already viewed more than two pages of your website. The same goes for consumers who have abandoned their shopping cart. You need to seduce them again with more accurate and less penetrating ads. You can also forward them to a private message conversation to offer them personal support until the purchase is completed.

Take a real-time test

In any case, he prefers clear and concise messages, with an attractive and captivating appearance, and above all put yourself in the shoes of potential clients. To determine if your advertising campaign is achieving the desired effect, feel free to run a real-time testing phase. This will give you concrete data about the effectiveness of your Facebook ad acquisition strategy. It is possible to make necessary adjustments if necessary regarding your KPIs if the strategy is not conclusive. You can then apply it broadly based on specific audiences.


Facebook Ads is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to target new prospects and expand your customer base. By following these various points, you will be able to create an effective strategy and improve the traffic acquisition leverage, which is now essential in your digital marketing strategy.

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