Consumption and Inflation: Good Plans to Increase Your Purchasing Power

129 billion euros for 2.1 billion transactions, this is the volume of online purchases made by the French in 2021 according to Fevad (source). register! Between false promotions, the growing number of shopping sites and artificially inflating prices, buying online is inevitably a time saver but certainly not a way to control your budget. However, solutions exist to consume better and in good health, avoiding excesses.

Saving money or saving while consuming

One of the first things to know is that every loyal customer is rewarded with loyalty programs. The most common practice is that of loyalty points that a customer collects with each purchase, and most often, the higher the purchase price, the more points they get. The Indixia group’s loyalty program, called Hubside Reward Club, doesn’t offer a point for every online or in-store purchase, but it does offer direct discounts throughout the year. Consumers benefit from discounts on products from 1,152 partner brands in several sectors such as food, high-tech, telephone, entertainment and entertainment (cdiscount,, Nike, Samsung, Asos, etc.).

Another good plan, practice cashback Accelerating with the speed of rising online sales. The offer consists in donating money, in the form of a transfer or a coupon, for each order made on the Internet subject to certain conditions: activating the service in advance and accepting the sending of cookies to other sites. Similar to the partial redemption of the electronic consumer, it is also a very profitable marketing technique to increase the sales of the merchant site.

Another increasingly popular way to save money is to buy used or refurbished products instead of new ones. Online shopping enthusiasts are familiar with the former, are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint of their purchases, and are open to the principles of recycling, take back and refurbish. As such, Hubside.Store is the brand that specializes in new and refurbished multimedia, gear that it also offers to rent rather than buy. With its own repair shop, the range of refurbished devices from the biggest brands such as Apple or Samsung for sale is one of the widest in France.

Buying Insurance Indexia

For consumers, online buying is simple and fast. But this is not synonymous with warranty, except for insurance. Solutions such as those of Indexia Group exist: Hubside Insurance, whose “Excellence” formula (€19.99 for the first two months then €24.99) covers members’ technological devices in case of oxidation, breakage, theft or loss. A wide range of services complement this insurance: device upgrade or update, smartphone loan if necessary, access to useful and practical applications such as storage space or digital press board, etc. A device that provides great peace of mind. All backed by an irreplaceable quality of service. “Unlike some phone platforms, I always had someone on the end of the line quickly. His explanations were clear and the exchange was polite and kind. I also appreciate the other information given to me that is in my favour!*,” Maud said, after a phone interview with a remote consultant. Define the expectations of its customers, interact instantly and customize its recommendations, with INDEXIA Group, customer satisfaction persists long after the purchase.

* Verbatim collected via Trustpilote

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