The epic AI rapper FN Meka: all you need to know

FN Meka is a rapper created by artificial intelligence (AI) and has been in the news a lot lately. Within two weeks, he was signed by Capitol Records, which quickly broke off relations with him. We will explain everything to you.

Capitol Records, the record label of Katy Perry and Paul McCartney, decided to “cut ties” on August 23 with rapper IA after a controversy. Industry Blackout activists have called in particular for Capitol Records to cease operations FN Meka. “We found an error in the lack of awareness of the crime of this cartoon,” a statement from the group read. “This is a direct insult to the black community and our culture. A mixture of primitive stereotypes, appropriately drawn from black artists, with insults conveyed in the lyrics,” he continues.

Before we get to that, what happened? Which is FN Meka?

Beginnings of FN Meka

FN Meka He is the first rapper with artificial intelligence. He was born (if it can be born when you are from AI) in 2019. He first created Factory New, a media company that deals only with digital and virtual talent. “It was created using thousands of data points aggregated from video games and social media,” Music Business Worldwide reports. “Even with all the money record labels spend on finding talent, the success rate is 1%,” Factory New co-founder Anthony Martini told Music Business Worldwide. “Now we can literally build artists to order using proven elements, which greatly increases the chances of success,” he continues.

As Digital Music News notes, ” FN Meka It is the so-called virtual influencer – non-human that generates billions of views on social networks. » What do you eat in winter, a hypothetical influencer? Basically, they are computer-generated people who are given realistic personalities and characteristics, such as tattoos (digital music news). The creators of these influencers control their creativity. They decide who and what to associate with.

In 2019, the rapper released his first two songs on Soundcloud: Internet And the Moonwalkin. We can then associate her voices with mumbling rap, in particular. As StayHipp says, “ FN Meka He shares characteristics with other computer-generated and animated musicians such as Lil Miquela and Gorillaz. But how did he manage to write songs? “We have developed a special artificial intelligence technology that analyzes some popular songs of a particular genre and makes recommendations for the different elements of song composition: lyrics, chords, melody, rhythm, sounds, etc. Mr. Martini tells Music Business Worldwide.” Currently, sound is handled by human , but we are working on the possibility of inventing the computer, interpreting its own words, and even collaborating with computers other than the “co-authors,” he admits.

Signed by Capitol Records

On August 12, 2022, Capitol Records announced the signing of FN dead. At that time, the rapper had amassed 1 billion views on TikTok and had more than 10 million subscribers there. Then the record label states: FN Meka He is the world’s first augmented reality artist to sign with a major record label (Music Business Worldwide). same day, FN Meka He released his first song since his signature: Florida water, which is based on the contribution of Gunna and professional Fortnite player Clix. This track was written by Turbo (Travis Scott, Young Thug, Lil Baby) and produced by DJ Holiday (Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj).

Upon release, Capitol Music Group Executive Vice President for Experimental Marketing and Business Development Ryan Roden said, “The song Florida water It is located at a crossroads between music, technology and video game culture. […] [Ce n’est] Just a glimpse of what’s to come. (music works worldwide)

Capitol Records drops FN Meka

This put an end to the existence of FN Meka On the Capitol Records label, there is a lot of criticism on social networks as well as from Industry Blackout. The latter noted that the rapper uses the n-word. In addition, the image in which we see him being beaten by a policeman, while apparently screaming for his freedom, has drawn criticism. Describing the photo, rapper IA wrote, “Police brutality! What should I do? This cop kept hitting me with his baton because I wouldn’t denounce. I’m not a rat. Life in prison is so frustrating… I wish I could get out so I could start to Make music again. »

Besides, Gunna’s presence is also troubling. Industry Blackout’s statement reads, “Gunna, a black artist on song with FN Meka, is currently imprisoned for tapping the same type of lyrics that this robot imitates. The difference is that your synthetic rapper will not be subject to federal fees for the same reason.”

On August 23, 2022, the Capitol Music Group said it had “cut ties with the project. FN Mekaeffective immediately,” via an official statement. “We offer our deepest apologies to the black community for our callousness in logging onto this project without asking enough questions about the fairness and creative process behind it. We thank those who have given us constructive feedback over the past few days – your contribution was invaluable in reaching the decision to terminate our association with the project,” the report states.

Autograph AI artists are trending?

Universal Music Group’s Web3 10:22 PM has signed KINGSHIP. Universal Music Group has made an arrangement with Genies, an avatar technology company to develop avatars and digital clothing for its artists. Meanwhile, Warner Records signed a deal with K-pop giant SM Entertainment and aespa group. The latter is a group of four human members and four members by default. Other examples of this type can be found.

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