The big tour stops at Perros-Guirec on Thursday, with Skip the Use!

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The big tour stops on Wednesday (August 24) in Van, before Perros-Guirec on Thursday (August 25). On the program: free concerts, a village offering entertainment, performances and discussions on the topic of business creation, employment and “Made in France”.

The “big towerContinuing on its way, stopping in Vannes this afternoon with Hit West, and at Perros-Guirec tomorrow. Before the free evening concerts, there’s a theme park that opens at 5 p.m. On-site is a placement and job search space, with stations to fill in. Digital resume, exchanges with advisors, and even dating with employers.The village highlights innovative companies, start-ups, and highlights their labor needs.

iRaiser, based near Nantes, designs fundraising programs for associations, and is currently looking for about a dozen employees in the West, which is no easy feat, explained Tiffany Lefebvre, iRaiser’s director of marketing: “I think there are a lot of offers and so there are a lot of options. I think the new generations are more fickle and demanding in their search for work. We, for example, try to be more flexible, we offer a lot of possibilities of working remotely, in France and abroad … and then I will put aside the “technical” profiles, where there is a really huge competition.: developers, or people who will Already programmed.

For more information, you can find iRaiser job offers at

Tiffany Lefebvre, Director of Marketing at iRaiser

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Visitors are looking for information

The public comes to discover, play and attend concerts, but also to learn about different professions and develop a professional project: this is the case, for example, of Zoe, 30, who hesitates to establish on her own. Entrepreneur. Yan Lunai met her: “I’ve already followed business creation workshops via Pôle emploi, but I came there to learn about the laws and possibly the financing that was possible to get started.“Do we really have the reasonable money to be able to get started, will we have to pay later when we don’t have a consistent turnover? These are big questions in the workshops that I have been able to do in the past, I have had not necessarily been told about some of the companies that can sponsor us.” They just gave me a pamphlet that might be able to help me. What would that give me.”


attributed to him: Yan Lunai

big valve tower

Skip the use, artist and entrepreneur!

Among the groups performing on the Big Tour stage is Skip the Use, which will not be at Vannes, but at Perros-Guirre on Thursday (August 25). The group accompanies the big tour on many dates. For Matt Bastard, singer and co-founder of the group, joining an event that seeks to foster entrepreneurship and innovation is an experience that makes sense:

We, all the clubs we’ve done, closed it down so we said to ourselves: We really are the most legitimate group for this tour, to share our experience. No, but in real life, making music today, owning a band, also leads to the creation of companies, IThere is a whole commercial aspect to music, and the more an artist takes an interest in it, the healthier his work. It took us years to understand: When you’re an artist, it’s not necessarily something that comes to your mind right away. It’s by experience: you get cheated, you crash and you get up, and today we are more in control of what we do, we realize the importance of things. “

Bastard died, skip use

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skip using

Talking about entrepreneurship, talking about innovation or opportunities, as the Big Tour does, has never been so important, in the eyes of Mat Bastard, so that future generations into the job market can regain confidence:

“The word future, the future, is totally forbidden today from the political language we have towards young people, and I find it very dangerous, because suddenly young people lose their freshness, their desire to develop. You have to get this idea of ​​the future and the future, and entrepreneurship is part of that. There are some young people out there. Who understood this well: All these young people on social networks, YouTubers: They understand that it is up to them to take charge of their business. Some are very good at it, and they understand it right away; maybe others understand it less quickly, like us when we were young, and suddenly it’s exciting It’s very meeting people who are willing to show you the way, and you leave there with … your head is not full of dreams, because you came there with your dreams but you say to yourself: Maybe my dream is achievable if you do this, this, and if you work … it’s wonderful.”

Bastard died, skip use

attributed to him: Yan Lunai

Wednesday’s big tour will be in Van, on the Harbor Square: Village Opening at 5pm, Concert at 8pm with Joyce Jonathan, vocalists from The Voice and choreographers from Dance with the Stars. On Thursday, a Village Big Tour will take place near Trestraou Beach in Perros-Guirec, with Skip the Use, singers from The Voice and a choreographer from Dancing with the Stars on stage. Completely free access.

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