Samuel Lacroix joins Substance / Radiance

Samuel Lacroix join Stuff / Glitter As a new product to expand the agency’s creative horizons. With nearly 15 years of experience in the media and television world, Samuel Specializing in the production of marketing content.

With a strong sense of creative project management, control and aesthetics, he joined the agency’s creative department. The agency’s aspirations were directed towards more ambitious projects and the arrival of a new product was essential to their realization. Role Samuel A complement to creation and a starting point for the future. In his first job, Samuel He was an assistant producer for Star Académie. Since then, he has also worked as a project manager at Groupe V Média, where he oversaw the complete overhaul of the V Télé brand and coordinated the channel’s self-promotion department.

During the past five years, Samuel He was responsible for marketing, promotion and communications at Entract Films, a Canadian distributor engaged in the acquisition and exploitation of films on a national scale. There, he developed his management experience and ensured production quality control in the context of film promotion. Samuel He also took charge of press relations there and walked the red carpets, premieres, and interviews as responsible for the artists represented by the distributor.

How do we expect to move from the traditional world to the digital environment? “After accumulating 15 years of experience in TV and film, I have found it interesting to step outside my comfort zone to challenge myself. I want to use my skills and achievements in a different field, by pushing agency projects even further,” he explains Samuel. Production is about bringing ideas and concepts to life in a tangible way. This is exactly what he intends to do.

The creative department is often the driving force behind innovative ideas in any marketing communications agency. Vanessa Beauregard is now the director of this department and she sees an arrival Samuel As a growth factor for the team:Stuff / Glitter It intends to develop its production display. Luggage Samuel It makes it a resource that enables us to promote and then achieve this goal. With its complementary skills, the construction department will be able to increase the quality of output, as well as secure a strong and reliable production base for the future.”

Samuel It consists of another series for the creative department, in the vision of developing the production offer further. The agency’s growth objective includes the acquisition of new talent and true interdepartmental synergies.

as a product, Samuel He wants to play an integral role in directing, managing and producing creative content. Stuff / Glitter He desires to combine the flexibility and agility of members of the creative team, so that he continues to envision engagement and inspire projects. This is a result that meets the aspirations of the agency’s clients.

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