Call for “Shared Data Space” projects

DSIHAnd the Wednesday 24 August 2022

As part of France 2030, a call for “shared data space” projects has been opened from the end of July until the end of February 2023 to fund data spaces that allow data sharing between a large number of actors with high level accessibility, interoperability and quality.

The ‘Shared Data Space’ call for projects aims to enable data sharing between one or more sectors. The latter should include software tools related to data sharing and common data processing, with data management structures capable of making them accessible and interoperable without compromising their quality.

Objectives pursued and profiles of the candidates

Suggested solutions could be platforms, collaborative tools, or APIs. It should allow for the sharing of tools and data in various areas (logistics, purchasing, information technology, economic intelligence, human resources, design, marketing, business approach, parts traceability, circular economy or industrial environment, mobility, security and defense, and the environment). Companies involved in creating solutions should be part of a strategy of collective interest for one or more sectors or even one or more sub-sectors in a sector, with a customized business plan.

The project can be led by the project company or by a structure comprising several companies (professional union, GIE, association, competitive group, etc.). It will take place over a maximum period of five years with a minimum expenditure of €2 million. The assistance will consist of a combination of subsidies and refundable advances. It can be up to 50% of eligible expenses within the limits of European regulations. The file must be submitted to Bpifrance in electronic form on its online platform.

Cloud Acceleration Strategy

As part of France 2030, the country has identified target markets with high growth potential and response to key societal challenges, including health. Acceleration Strategies They are identified for promising markets where France has real capabilities, including the cloud, inasmuch as an increasing proportion of digital services now rely on remote storage systems to host and process data of the company, administrations and citizens.

According to France 2030, cloud technologies could represent a turnover equivalent to the telecom sector by 2030 and create many jobs in Europe. Thus it presents an opportunity for economic and digital sovereignty, but it is also a risk to data integrity. The strategy, which has been awarded 1.8 billion euros (667 million euros in public funding, 680 in private co-financing and 444 in European funding), is based on three pillars:

  • Characterization of “Trusted Cloud” offerings via SecNumCloud visa;
  • Implementation of the “cloud at the center” state principle that makes the cloud the default tool for departments for their IT projects, and the use of SecNumCloud provides a necessity for sensitive data processing;
  • The Cloud Computing Acceleration Strategy, a real industrial policy for the development of the French ecosystem of cloud service providers, which includes, among other things, project financing.

This call for projects focuses on To highlight new uses of the data economy and enhance the capacity for innovation in various economic sectors, in particular by supporting the creation of aggregated data spaces that allow the pooling of information assets among actors in industrial sectors. Depending on the specification, the data will be used, for example via learning algorithms, to create new use cases and services, improve processes or better understand certain phenomena.

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