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August 24, 2022

To break into the booming carbonated water market, the brand invited Cossette to design the new product identity and design the cans, as well as develop its own launch campaign.

To differentiate the soft drink from the Boréale beer already on the shelves, the agency has created a new icon: the wolf. A Nordic animal living in packs, the wolf perfectly embodies the spirit of the group and the desire to gather in nature or in a private chalet, as well as its ease of recognition and adaptability.

Brand signature wolf’s thirst The tone sets its various attributes, from enclosure to communications initiatives. Inspired by the well-known expression “to be as hungry as a wolf”, the Cossette design team transformed the idea of ​​devouring hunger into the drink to illustrate the latter’s ability to quench energetic and burning thirst.

Northern 8

Adapted to the three groups of fruit flavors (lemon, lime, mango, pineapple and raspberry), the seltzer packaging is imbued with a nocturnal and mysterious universe that surely attracts lovers of the outdoors and campfires. Thus, these products occupy a favorite place in the Boréale family, along with products bearing the image of the symbolic bear.

Our goal was to go beyond the enclosure, by creating a powerful and impactful icon compatible with Boreal’s northern DNA. So we bet on a unique and distinctive symbol to allow the brand to stand out in the soft water market, while respecting the product category and nature of product codes,” explains Richard Bellanger, Vice President, Design, at Cossette.

Northern 7

We wanted to continue to develop and expand our product offerings in a natural and thoughtful way, based on the needs and preferences of our customers, says Erica Goodbot, Director of Marketing and Communications at Les Brasseurs du Nord – Bière Boréale. It was important for us to differentiate ourselves from what is being done elsewhere in the industry. While the world of seltzer is generally associated with the beach, sun, and bright colors, we wanted to do things differently to distinguish the spirit of alcohol drinkers, but also to stay true to our image and identity in Quebec. »

It is this desire to strike the imagination that gave life to the launch campaign. bears the signature nocturnal thirstShe invited the public to leave their homes and gather with friends outside and in nature. A real call to take advantage of summer, to get rid of your madness and above all, to quench your thirst for a werewolf as soon as night falls. Advertising messages in the Quebec market were posted on billboards as well as on social networks.

Northern 6


  • Advertiser: Les Brasseurs du Nord – Boreal beer
  • Agency: Cossette
  • Created by: Richard Bellanger, Anne-Marie Clermont, Guillaume Pichon, Vedran Vaskovic, Guillaume Saint-Hilaire, Nicolas Doyon, Camille Levesque, Isabel Coté
  • Strategy: Michel Rendeau, Olivia Saint-Jacques, Catherine Rondo
  • Produced by: Myriam Feu, Myriam Bousquet, Patricia Rabe, Catherine Bedard
  • Production House: Seventh
  • Producer: Marie-Andre Liszot
  • Production Coordinator: Edward Reno
  • Photographer: Francois Oliver
  • Print and digital production: Marie-Yves Tibodeau, Nathalie Gadua, Colette Dumay, Steve Desmaris, Martin Dumas, Daniel Cartier
    Linguistics: VII
  • Media Agency: Espace M
  • Planning: Vicki Dugas, Danny Gautier
  • Purchases: Ahmed Magdish, Flavi Girard
  • Public Relations Agency: Citizen
  • PR: Francois Fake, Fanny Loren, Raphael Boys

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