▷ How do you find clients in writing the web?

editors and Web Editors Beginners or experienced ones will all experience a bad patch. At the end of the task, or when you are just starting, the question arises: How do you find clients?

Do I have to register for writing platforms?

When you don’t really know how to dig, stress can set in quickly. When you’re self-employed, you wear multiple hats, and our business success depends on one shoulder…our shoulders! Faced with uncertainty, we may wish to refer to writing pads. Through a simple process, they guarantee tasks and wages. But are they really a acquisition channel Who deserves it?

To get started… why not

If you take your first steps in web writingUsing platforms can help you get your feet wet. The prices charged are very low, and you will have to type “per kilometer” in order to hope to earn something. Thus, the added value will not be found in the reward, but in the experience gained. You’ll gain confidence, master your style, your organization… and you’ll be ready to find real clients next.

Veteran editors, go on your way

for editors and Experienced writers, platforms have a little interest. Those that connect professionals, in the words of the editor, can be interesting. But beware of commissions that can quickly add up and reduce your salary. With a few exceptions, the . file freelancing platforms A channel that is used in addition to other acquisition patterns.

Writers, Editors…Create Content!

You’re constantly repeating it to your clients, so why not apply it to your business? The Create content is a processinternal marketing which has proven itself. for Find clientsNothing beats their attraction Blog Postssubordinate Social media posts Or visuals that interest them. return the Content strategyYou will no longer have to search for clients. They will find you! Whether publishing directly to your website, collaborating as a guest author on a successful site, or joining a profile freelance communityDeveloping your visibility will help you increase your business.

Use social media to find clients

Sign up on social networksWell, it’s art. And it is learned! To avoid losing all your credibility, don’t be recklessE-mail Or add contacts blindly in hopes of enriching your network. If you’re really lost, consider calling a Social Selling Expertwhich will help you take advantage of this channel to convert leads into customers.

By creating content

Yes, again this famous content. It is the key to your success. Either it’s about LinkedInAnd the TwitterAnd the FB where InstagramPosting on a regular basis will allow you to attract those who may need your services. Show your expertise, what you are capable of, and share your vision for your work: prospects who recognize themselves will want to contact you!

By enriching your network

cold contact, andLinkedIn email Automated … as many as possible prospecting methods To be banished when one is Freelance web editor. why ? Because nothing is more impersonal, and you have a 90% chance of seeing your email end up in the trash before it can be read. In social networks, there is sociability, which is not for nothing. Those who use it expect communication, discussion, and participation. To find clients in this way, there is no secret: you have to be really interested in them. Take the time to Network building By responding carelessly to posts, by initiating discussions for the sole purpose of exchange. Real relationships will increase little by little your notoriety and client portfolio. The people you interact with will think of you if they need writingand can recommend you to others!

Google Ads, have you thought about it?

little used in writingAnd the Google ads It’s a powerful acquisition channel… provided you master it. By choosing the right keywords, and adjusting your targeting, you can reach companies that have an immediate need. It is a method aimed more at the book and senior writersWho have the right budget to make sure they get results!

What does your ideal customer look like?

over here prospecting method Which requires the most energy, but is also the most useful. It is based on the search for perfect customer. What? The ideal customer is the one you dream of working with. This is the task in which you are sure to thrive, and for which you have all the necessary experience. After drawing his picture, go find him! Search social networks in areas that interest you to find companies you may need. Check out their websites, and see if you can help them. Then all you have to do is contact them directly. Contrary to popular belief, the direct prospectingWhen targeted well, it yields a positive return in 50% of cases!

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