The next base position?

Below is a case study that appears in many marketing brochures. The American supermarket chain once realized that by studying the purchases of its customers, it could identify pregnant women. So I decided to send a promotional box to everyone who was identified to prepare for the arrival of the baby. This is how I addressed the matter to a mother… her daughter was pregnant, and she revealed her pregnancy. Here’s how analyzing customer data leads to ethical misconduct. Candice van Lanker, Director of Digital Trust and Ethics at VYV Group, the leading health and social protection company in France, underlines a disaster for companies that today display their values ​​like a banner and are easily detectable. ” We start talking about digital ethics too late. However, this presents a very high risk with respect to the image. Every company must ensure that the values ​​they stand for are reflected in their digital practices. »

Thus Candice Van Lanker takes the example of her care-for-all group: ” Imagine if our websites and therefore our services were not available to everyone! Our number should incorporate the specific needs of older people or people with disabilities. In general, thinking about ethics should be an integral part of all phases: thinking, creating, developing and pursuing.. »

Spreading an ethical culture within each department

This is exactly the reason why a digital ethics manager does not necessarily exist within the IT or legal department. Its role is not to ensure the company’s cyber security or compliance with regulations, but to promote an ethical culture within each digital department. In other words, in almost all departments, the Digital Ethics Officer is given the status of conductor. ” This is how I see my job: 360-degree vision with complete knowledge of issues, data, and technological realities in a digital project; copy them in relation to company values; Involve different departments and functions on these topics. Candice Van Lanker explains.

A dialogue that takes place both internally and externally, where digital ethics must apply to the entire value chain of a company. ” It is a mobile system. It opens up space for reflection and you should not hesitate to raise awareness, even in the general management of the company. VYV Group’s Director of Digital Ethics and Trust.

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